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"Got to Know Othello"
This movie is an example of a final presentation project on Shakespeare's tragedy Othello. The movie incorporates the use of technology alongside an English lesson plan on classic authors. "Got to Know Othello" represents the model project, I (the teacher) except students to create for the final presentation. Enjoy!
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John Bolton: The power of imagination: Lessons from Shakespeare
"Shakespeare boasted an uncanny understanding of human nature. Might the Bard be a helpful workplace consultant with tips on navigating the plot twists and characters taking stage in the modern world? (Want to learn whom you can trust at work? Take a meeting with Othello. Need advice on creative problem solving? Check in with Hamlet.) John Bolton walks us through five lessons from the Bard that still resonate today." TED@StateStreet was a TED-curated event featuring a diverse group of speakers from across the State Street community. Jointly produced by TED and State Street, the event paved a bold way ahead. About the TED Institute: We know that innovative ideas and fresh approaches to challenging problems can be discovered inside visionary companies around the world. The TED Institute helps surface and share these insights. Every year, TED works with a group of select brands to identify internal ideators, inventors, connectors, and creators. Drawing on the same rigorous regimen that has prepared speakers for the TED main stage, TED Institute works closely with each partner, overseeing curation and providing intensive one-on-one talk development to sharpen and fine tune ideas. Learn more at http://www.ted.com/ted-institute Follow TED Institute on Twitter @TEDPartners Follow more business thinking worth sharing from TED at roi.ted.com
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Othello   Connecting Life to Literature
Lesson 1 Resource - Othello - World Literature Unit Plan Grade 10 - Connecting lives and relationships to literature.
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Video SparkNotes: Shakespeare's Othello summary
Check out William Shakespeare's Othello Video SparkNote: Quick and easy Othello synopsis, analysis, and discussion of major characters and themes in the play. For more Othello resources, go to www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/othello. For a translation of the entire play into modern English, check out No Fear Shakespeare at nfs.sparknotes.com.
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How to Read Shakespeare: Othello
Don't forget to hit the Like and Subscribe videos to make sure you receive notifications about upcoming Literature, Grammar, Reading, Writing, and World History lessons from MrBrayman.Info. In this lesson, I'm going to give you some background on Shakespeare and why his writing is the way it is. Then, we'll look at how to read Shakespeare more independently in a high school or college class. Finally, we'll go through the major characters and plot of Othello. Below is the outline of the slides used in the lesson: There are three major modes in creative writing Prose Poetry Drama Shakespeare wrote his plays in poetry because that was the style of the day But poetry is meant to be heard, so someone should still read it to you, or you should read it out loud Why Is Reading Shakespeare So Difficult? Either way, Shakespeare is meant to be heard and watched and enjoyed Drama and poetry are also a lot of fun because they are social forms of literature from a time when people didn't read much, and literature was a community activity Why Is Reading Shakespeare So Difficult? Part of it also has to do with how we have the plays themselves Shakespeare didn't write to sell plays or books of plays He wrote to sell tickets Why Is Reading Shakespeare So Difficult? Shakespeare never sold a single play in his lifetime (He sold books of his poems) (He sold a lot of tickets) Our versions of Shakespeare's plays are all bootlegs! Why Is Reading Shakespeare So Difficult? That's right: 15th century file-sharing—Elizabethan style Groups of people would go to his plays and write down everything they heard Then, they would compile them and sell them as cheap "quarto" books After his death, a group of his fellow actors and writer-friends produced an actual book of his plays in a "folio" edition Why Is Reading Shakespeare So Difficult? How does that affect our reading experience? Shakespeare's plays don't have any: Stage direction Narrators Characterization description And very little obvious setting details outside of the dialogue That's why we have to SEE the plays So How Do We Read Shakespeare Then? Get a good online plot summary—I like Sparknotes.com—just so you know who the characters are and what the setting is Get a good film version of the play (better yet, go see it in person!) Read the play out loud (because it's poetry!) Most of All: Enjoy Yourself Little kids can enjoy Shakespeare (they have no clue what is being said, but neither did a lot of his audience!) He was the Quentin Tarantino (Tragedies) and the Seth Rogan (Comedies) of his day, so have fun Othello Dramatis Personae Othello: the Moor In Elizabethan England, "Moor" meant either a black person or a Muslim and often, both Shakespeare is unclear about Othello's background I think he's deliberately vague Othello is Venice's greatest general and hero Dramatis Personae Desdemona is the daughter of Brabantio, a powerful Venetian noble who has befriended Othello Desdemona has fallen in love with and married Othello without her father's knowledge and permission Dramatis Personae Michael Cassio: Othello's newly appointed lieutenant Cassio is young, handsome, and well-connected Othello selects Cassio as his lieutenant Dramatis Personae Iago is Othello's right-hand man, best friend, and "ancient," meaning a position just below lieutenant When Othello selects Cassio as his lieutenant, Iago is secretly enraged
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Tips on planning and structuring lessons based on Themes, Topics and Context
In this video, we explore best practices in providing direct instruction based on the topic or theme of rites of passage to an 8th grade class. Remember, what is important here is context and personalization. Also, remember we could spend months talking about everything that I attempt to cover in 30 minutes. This is intended to be a refresher and reminded for classroom teachers. If this is foreign to you, enroll yourself in a reputable teaching program. Get to know your students!
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Othello Lesson 2 - A minute to learn a life time to master
This time around we look at: Counter Intuition Board Terminology Minimisation Links: Wzebra: http://radagast.se/othello/download.html Playok: http://www.playok.com/en/reversi/
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Othello project for English class
English 4 project on Shakespeare's play: Othello.
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Lesson plan for Heart of Darkness
An explanation of an 11th grade ELA lesson plan that I designed for the novel Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
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Othello Song Project
oldie, back in senior year lol Money in His Purse written by Daniel Lopez sung by Roderigo adapted from Dammit by Blink-182 I have a big secret Please promise to keep it I’ve loved you for so long My feelings are so strong But I know our romance Has little to no chance You’ve married Othello My heart feels like Jell-O now But I can’t give up yet I can’t seem to forget These feelings deep inside For my love, the Moor’s bride I’m willing to pay for An idea that for sure Will help me to win back My true love from that black man Chorus: And to help me reach my ends I’ll turn to a friend His name’s honest Iago He’ll dispose of that Othello His actions are sincere, He’s moving without fear And he’ll do it all for me If I put money in his purse If I put money in his purse I’ve heard things that hurt me. These rumors that I see I’ve found out a new foe By the name Cassio Is trying to intrude On my girl. Now that’s rude. I’ll teach him a lesson. Iago, start planning now Chorus: And to help me reach my ends I’ll turn to a friend His name’s honest Iago He’ll dispose of that Cassio His actions are sincere, He’s moving without fear And he’ll do it all for me If I put money in his purse [6x]
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The Winter's Tale lessons: 1 of 3
Shakespeare's Winter's Tale is an under-appreciated play about jealousy and sexual obsession. King Leontes for no apparent reason becomes murderously jealous of his wife, Hermione, and best friend, Polixenes. It echoes Othello and King Lear in that we witness a man's descent into madness. Vocabulary words from all 5 acts of the play still in use today are provided, as well as a response journal question and a rubric with which to score It. This video is followed by part 2 (Acts II and III) and part 3 (Acts IV and V). Pinched for time? These videos have much of what a secondary teacher would need to begin planning a curriculum around this play. The Winter's Tale is probably not suitable for children younger than 14 due to its many sexual references. Comments welcomed! Choose 1080p for clearer images. Check me out on Twitter @mistersato411
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Lesson for the Day
Mr. Kazdorf gives a wonderful lesson to his British Literature class.
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Othello jealousy essay plan
This project has been created with Explain Everything™ Interactive Whiteboard for iPad
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How Does Iago Plan To Get Back At Othello?
What is iago's response? view of human nature and love? 14. I am eager to see how iago's plan unfolds. Study guides and book othello act i scene 3 iago's plan shakespeare the mapping what motives inspired iago to plot revenge against othello? Fall 2015 team 1 hawksitesothello flashcards of in shakespeare's essays name period ______ date study guide questions that is old ugly cassio young handsome which way does manipulate characters contribute makes believe his wife having an jealousy lagrange college. After iago tells roderigo to make a great deal of money and plan on getting desdemona back, leaves we see into iago's thoughts in is fictional character shakespeare's othello (c. He is the husband of emilia, who in turn attendant othello's wife desdemona. Othello othello study guide questions fort bend isd. In act 2 scene 3, how is iago's plan beginning to work? . What is iago's plan and purpose in act 1, scene 3 of othello? In shakespeare's othello, explain plans about roderigo iago timeline othello shmoop. Iago also mentions that his reason for him seeking revenge is there are rumours othello sleeping with wife, from the start of shakespeare's othello, iago makes it very clear he holds no love title character. For example when othello gives the lieutenant position to cassio, iago is upset because he thought would get so plans revenge at him 8 apr 2014 confesses his hate for and describes how will use othello's trust in convince that desdemona cheating on with rid of both them once. Iago describes his purpose as 'double knavery. He plans to get cassio's position as othello's lieutenant by making othello jealous of the handsome, flirtatious younger man, and at same time he revenge against him desdemona. Iago he's captured and brought back in, but he refuses to explain why did all these terrible things. That night, iago gets cassio drunk and then assures that he can get back into othello's good graces by using desdemona as an intermediary. What does iago have to say about a man's reputation? Physical health matters more. Roderigo so desperately loves desdemona and he pays iago to woo her away from othello. Twixt' my sheets, he's done office. Since it is a tragedy i am assuming some in soliloquy, iago explains to the audience that eliminating cassio first crucial step his plan ruin othello. Iago's revenge to othello 1877 words. Later, iago convinces roderigo that cassio and desdemona are getting it on, decides he will use to make othello jealous. He convinces iago gloats about how well his plan is working. He dismisses cassio from his position, offers to tend montano's wound, and puts iago in charge of the townwhat advice does offer cassio? tells him ask desdemona speak for othellowhat roderigo threaten do? Go back venicehow plan bait othello into doubting soliloquy us how he wants bring revenge on othello, using excuse that had been corrupting wife, emilia. By plotting othello against everyone, he will be able to get his revenge for not making him a
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William Shakespeare Whiteboard Demo
Lesson for Educational Technology class
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Funskool travel Othello
Travel Othello
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Othello 4: Desdemona
The fourth of my lessons on the play. This one deals with some varying ways that one might consider the character of Desdemona.
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Shakespeare's Sonnets: Crash Course Literature 304
This week, we're learning about sonnets, and English Literature's best-known purveyor of those fourteen-line paeans, William Shakespeare. We'll look at a few of Willy Shakes's biggest hits, including Sonnet 18, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day," Sonnet 116, "Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediment," and Sonnet 130, "My mistresses's eyes are nothing like the sun." We'll talk about what makes a sonnet, a little bit about their history, and even a little bit about how reading poetry helps us understand how to be human beings.
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Thinking About Othello - PowerPoint Presentation
A PowerPoint Presentation on Shakespeare's Othello for teachers and students. Includes an Introduction, Quizzes and Quotations on each act, character analyses, slides on themes and images, links to Othello YouTube videos, and essay topics on Othello. www.shakespearehelp.com
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Why Shakespeare loved iambic pentameter - David T. Freeman and Gregory Taylor
View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-shakespeare-loved-iambic-pentameter-david-t-freeman-and-gregory-taylor Shakespeare sometimes gets a bad rap in high schools for his complex plots and antiquated language. But a quick peek into the rhythm of his words reveals a poet deeply rooted in the way people spoke in his time — and still speak today. Why do Shakespeare’s words have such staying power? David T. Freeman and Gregory Taylor uncover the power of iambic pentameter. Lesson by David T. Freeman and Gregory Taylor, animation by Brad Purnell.
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Talking to Othello
Interviews with people pretending to be characters from a Shakespearian play is an exciting way of testing knowledge of character and characterisation and getting learners to understand why characters act in the way that they do. In this lesson we conduct interviews with Othello, but as a class exercise, you could ask learners to set up interviews using characters from the play you are studying.
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Part 1 Class 12 lesson   1 "Teach me to listen Lord"question answers 1 to 4
part-1 lesson -1 "teach me to listen lord "class 12 questions answers
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Wear my heart upon my sleeve
Shakespeare's daughter is in love... again. Learn a new English phrase to use when someone can't hide their feelings. For the transcript click 'SHOW MORE' For activities and extra materials connected to this episode: http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/course/shakespeare/unit-1/session-21 Shakespeare Speaks is a co-production between BBC Learning English and The Open University. TRANSCRIPT Narrator It was a sunny day. William Shakespeare's daughter and Bess the barmaid are at the fair. Daughter Lalalalala… Bess You're very happy today aren't you my duck? Daughter Oh Bess, I'm in love. Bess You're not still after that Robert Harley are you? Daughter Nooooo! It's Henry Bull. He's wonderful: handsome and brave… and he loves me too… but Bess, father mustn't find out. Henry hasn't got any money. Father wouldn't approve. Bess Well my duck, you need to hide your feelings better then! You're wearing your heart upon your sleeve; the whole world can see how you feel! Oh! Hello Mr Will… Daughter Father! Will Good afternoon Bess; Daughter… and what are you two gossiping about? Who's wearing their heart upon their sleeve? Bess We were …err… discussing that evil Iago, in your play Othello. He wears his heart upon his sleeve, doesn't he Mr Will? Will Ah, yes, Othello, my tragedy. A very good topic for discussion. Iago says: I will wear my heart upon my sleeve… Robert Harley as Iago I will wear my heart upon my sleeve For daws to peck at. I am not what I am. Will But, even though Iago talks about wearing his heart on his sleeve he doesn't actually intend to do it. Iago never reveals his true feelings, except perhaps to the audience, and even they cannot fully trust him! Bess Well, showing your true feelings certainly can lead to trouble. Daughter What feelings does Iago hide, father? Is he in love? Will No: quite the opposite. Iago pretends to be loyal to Othello so that he can destroy him! That's why he says: I am not what I am. Narrator We'll leave them there for now. Many of Shakespeare's characters conceal their true feelings. Some hide their love, while Iago, Shakespeare's most hateful villain, hides his plans to destroy everyone around him. Nowadays, the phrase to wear your heart upon - or on - your sleeve still means: to make your feelings and emotions obvious, even if it makes you vulnerable. In a 2015 interview, US actress Kristen Stewart, star of the Twilight movies, said: Clip 1 I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I'm in a mood, my mood shows. Narrator It's often used to talk about love and romance. Clip 2 When I told him I loved him, he broke up with me. I'll never wear my heart on my sleeve again. Will Now, dear daughter, who is this young man who's made you so cheerful? Daughter Oh… errr… nobody… Will Nobody…? Bess Didn't I tell you not to wear your heart on your sleeve?! Daughter Oh dear. To wear, or not to wear: that is the question… Pick up some useful everyday English phrases and learn about the life, times and language of the world's best-known playwright with our 20-part series: #ShakespeareSpeaks
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The art of dying II -- Othello | Dennis Rudge | TEDxAmsterdam 2014
www.tedxamsterdam.com In this second part of this 'Art of Dying' trilogy, Dennis Rudge performs the famous tragic suicide from Shakespeare's Othello, marking the second death on stage. Gian van Grunsven and Bert Hana created this tribute to the death-scene: “Our thinking should reveal the truth, but often the arts can intensify our experience of reality by redescribing it. Watch part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXo5tsPUCSI Watch part 3 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OLSa4XnTWo Produced by: http://www.fellermedia.com Camera by: http://www.hoens.tv Catch up on more TEDxAmsterdam videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/tedxams Follow us on Twitter for updates: http://www.twitter.com/tedxams Read all about speakers, Ideas Worth Doing and behind the scenes reports on http://www.tedxamsterdam.com
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The Winter's Tale lessons: 2 of 3
Acts II and III of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale deal with four major characters choosing how to respond to the King's sudden descent into paranoia and despotism. How Hermione, Paulina, Camillo, and Antigonus each respond represents a different approach to a central question: what is the best way of dealing with injustice and tyranny? 10 vocabulary words still in use today from Acts II and III are provided, as well as a response journal question and a rubric with which to score them. This video is followed by part 3 (Acts IV and V). Pinched for time? These videos have much of what a secondary teacher would need to begin planning a curriculum around this play. The Winter's Tale is probably not suitable for children younger than 14 due to its many sexual references. Comments welcomed! Choose 1080p for clearer images. Check me out on Twitter @mistersato411 (revised 12/23/2017)
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12th Grade ELA
12th grade ELA lesson on archetypals in literature
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Merchant of Venice Lesson
Don't forget to hit the Like and Subscribe videos to make sure you receive notifications about upcoming Literature, Grammar, Reading, Writing, and World History lessons from MrBrayman.Info. In this lesson, we'll look at the differences between Shakespeare's tragedies and comedies, and how The Merchant of Venice fits into those categories. We'll see that the play is a "problem play" both in terms of how we categorize it and how we read it differently from Shakespeare's audience of five hundred years ago. Finally, I'll give you some background on the characters, plot, motifs, and symbols in the play. Below is the outline of the slides used in the lesson: William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice Understand the Difference between Shakespeare's Tragedies and Comedies Review of Reading Strategies Brief Introduction to the Play Learning Objectives for Your Reading of the Play Shakespeare's Three Modes Comedies: Usually end the conflict with a marriage or a series of marriages Histories: Dramatize real events from history; historical fiction Tragedies: Usually end the conflict with murder(s) or suicide(s) Dramatis Personae Bassanio—a reckless youth who has wasted his money and who has fallen in love with the rich daughter, Portia, of a dead man who has placed a trial on any man who would win her love Dramatis Personae Antonio—the merchant of Venice, Bassanio's friend who agrees to borrow money from the rich Jewish moneylender, Shylock, to help his friend impress Portia Dramatis Personae Shylock—a rich Jewish moneylender who hates Antonio because the merchant has disrespected him and treated him poorly; he agrees to loan the money with a very special condition attached Dramatis Personae Launcelot Gobo—Shylock's Clown; he acts as a go between and does odd deeds for both Shylock and the Christian Venetians Gratiano and Lorenzo—Antonio and Bassanio's friends who find their own love interests in the play Dramatis Personae Portia—her dead father put a condition on her marriage: she has three caskets (small boxes the size of a toolbox), one of which has her picture; suitors who want to marry her must pick correctly, agreeing never to marry if they're wrong Dramatis Personae Nerissa—Portia's maidservant who finds her own love interest Jessica—Shylock's daughter who runs of with a Christian to get away from her oppressive father The Scenario Bassanio confesses his love to Antonio who agrees to borrow money to help his friend impress Portia Antonio must borrow the money because his ships are all over the world The men approach Shylock who points out how awful Antonio has been to him The Scenario Shylock agrees to loan the money, interest-free, on the condition that if the loan is not repaid in three months, he will be able to take a pound of Antonio's flesh The Scenario In Belmont, near Venice, Portia waits in her mansion as foolish men come to her to try their luck with the caskets Finally, the man she wants, Bassanio, comes to try... Themes and Motifs Risk: Pay attention riskiness of travel and trade in the Renaissance as represented by Antonio Hatred of Jews: Pay attention to how Shylock is treated by the Christian Venetians and by Shakespeare—does Shakespeare make him look sympathetic and justified in his anger or like the villain? Themes and Motifs The Princess and the Hero: The trial of the caskets is a sort of fairytale test for the young lover, Bassanio The conflicts between Christian Europe and the outsiders in their midst (similar to Othello) Themes and Motifs Bonds: Bonds of friendship, marriage, money, law, contracts Faith and Trust: Portia's faithfulness to her father, Gratiano's and Bassanio's faithfulness to their wives, the suggestion that their wives have cheated on them Shakespeare's Problem Play How are we supposed to view Shylock? Is he a greedy, evil Jew who hates Christians and just wants to get rich? Is he the victim of Christian bigotry who is just trying to get even after all he's been through? What about his conversion to Christianity at the end? Is that comedic or tragic? What did Renaissance viewers think about it? How is that the same or different from 21st century viewers and readers? Like Othello, does this play show Europe as bigoted and hateful towards others? Why Are We Reading This? I want you to be exposed to a comedy I want you to wrestle with whether or not this is actually a comedy, given how Shylock is treated I want you to see how Renaissance Europe dealt with the strains of multiculturalism—sometimes well and sometimes not well It's a funny play with a lot of bawdy humor
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Shakespeare for Life: Hamlet
Bring the Bard to life with our brand-new Shakespeare for Life lesson series! In this video, presenter Luke Vyner talks to actors and experts about the language and themes of one of the Shakespeare's longest and most frequently performed plays, Hamlet. Download the accompanying lesson plan here: http://www.macmillanreaders.com/resources/self-study-english/shakespeare
Shakespeare for Life: Romeo & Juliet
Bring the Bard ‘back to life’ in your classroom with our brand-new Shakespeare for Life lesson series! First-up, we explore the language and legacy of the greatest (and saddest!) love story ever told – Romeo & Juliet. Download the accompanying lesson plan here: http://www.macmillanreaders.com/resources/self-study-english/shakespeare
QBrothers -Why I Hate The Moor-
The Q-Bros came to my school and did a poetry lesson for my class
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6 Life Lessons from Shakespeare & Marcus Aurelius (Animated)
One was an English poet and playwright, the other was a Roman Emperor and philosopher. Born a millennium apart, they have more in common than you might think… Share on Facebook 👍 https://goo.gl/wE3h0H Subscribe to this channel for more videos like this → http://goo.gl/RI6aWR 1:01 Lesson 1 – Live in the present 1:52 Lesson 2 – It’s all in your attitude 2:29 Lesson 3 – Live each day as if it were your last 3:12 Lesson 4 – Be good to others 3:52 Lesson 5 – Be true to yourself 4:50 Lesson 6 – Less is more CORRECTION: Marcus Aurelius was born in 121 AD, he became Emperor of Rome in 161 AD. The information in this video was originally published on the OUPblog, as ‘Life lessons from Shakespeare and Marcus Aurelius’ with all quotations taken from Oxford Scholarly Editions Online: http://www.oxfordscholarlyeditions.com/ Read the original post: https://blog.oup.com/2017/04/life-lessons-shakespeare-marcus-aurelius/ ~ http://twitter.com/OEudaimonia http://instagram.com/obtaineudaimonia http://facebook.com/ObtainEudaimonia http://google.com/+obtaineudaimonia http://obtaineudaimonia.com
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The myth of Prometheus - Iseult Gillespie
Check out our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/teded View full lesson: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-myth-of-prometheus-iseult-gillespie Before the creation of humanity, the Greek gods won a great battle against a race of giants called the Titans. Most Titans were destroyed or driven to the eternal hell of Tartarus. But the Titan Prometheus, whose name means foresight, persuaded his brother Epimetheus to fight with him on the side of the Gods. Iseult Gillespie shares the myth of Prometheus. Lesson by Iseult Gillespie, directed by Léa Krawczyk. Thank you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible. Yalda A., Susan Herder, Andrew Bosco, Craig Sheldon, Javier Aldavaz, Bruno Pinho, Rishi Pasham, Nick Johnson, Alex Kongkeo, Levi Cook, Peter Koebel, Misaki Sato, Runarm, Maxi Kobi Einy, Ilya Bondarik, Darren Toh, Bozhidar Karaargirov, Boytsov Ilya, Marc Veale, Rodrigo Carballo, Humberto A OjedaGomez, Daniel Day, SookKwan Loong, Jhuval, Nik Maier.
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Othello Grade 12
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Key & Peele - Weird Playlist
When two guys take a road trip, one friend's weird and disturbing audio diary comes up on the music playlist.
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House of Cards - Political Shakespeare
Hello, my name is Noah Stratton Twine and I'm a filmmaker. While making films is a great start, I believe that understanding it is even more important, therefore I will be making numerous video essays on some of my favorite film for my own personal use and hopefully to help others as well. You can find me on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/noah_twine SOURCES: http://www.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/tv/z-on-tv-blog/bal-spacey-fincher-house-of-cards-netflix-20130125-story.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/is-frank-underwood-on-house-of-cards-gay-ask-shakespeare/2014/02/06/c4469b76-7a1a-11e3-8963-b4b654bcc9b2_story.html?utm_term=.61c0081e0812 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/21/house-of-cards-shakespeare-_n_4823200.html
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Jealousy in Othello
Director Robert Richmond discusses the theme of jealousy in William Shakespeare's Othello and how it relates to a modern audience. The play is on stage at . This project has been created with Explain Everything™ Interactive Whiteboard for iPad. Thomas Swann discovers the dangers of the green-eyed monster! Learn this colourful idiom. For the transcript click 'SHOW MORE'. For activities and extra . I had to clarify this to a student a week or two ago so I thought I'd make a video. .
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Writing a Shakespeare introduction for Othello ELLA2
ELLA2- writing an introduction for your Shakespeare essay.
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Key & Peele - Al Qaeda Meeting
An Al Qaeda member grills his associates on why they've been unable to blow up an airplane in over a decade.
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Therapy dog Othello training short term memory - with bloopers!
Therapy dog Othello training together with alzheimer patient. Example of how a therapy dog can work to enhance and stimulate short term memory. The patient commands the dog to retrieve three rings in different colors. The dog must retrieve the right ring to recieve his treat. The patient must keep track of which rings are still around the corner and witch rings are allreadr retrieved. - the bloopers are just for fun!
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Ghosts, Murder, and More Murder - Hamlet Part I: Crash Course Literature 203
You can directly support Crash Course at https://www.patreon.com/crashcourse Subscribe for as little as $0 to keep up with everything we're doing. Free is nice, but if you can afford to pay a little every month, it really helps us to continue producing this content. In which John Green teaches you about Hamlet, William Shakespeare's longest and most-performed play. People love Hamlet. The play that is, not necessarily the character. Hamlet is a Tragedy with a capital T (I guess I don't have to point that out, since you can see clearly in the text that the T was capitalized). By Tragedy, I mean virtually everyone dies at the end. John will talk a little bit about the history of the play and the different versions of it that have appeared in the centuries since it was written. You'll also learn about some of the big themes in the play, get a brief plot overview, and the all important connections between Prince Hamlet and Simba, the Lion King. Seriously though, The Lion King is totally just a Hamlet musical with animals instead of people.
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What Is Othello Jealous Of??
Theme of jealousy in othello shakespeare's othello's shakespeare online. Othello navigator themes jealousy shakespeare navigators. The theme of jealousy in othello from litcharts. Othello, the major themes cliffs notes. The true friendship was emilia's for desdemona 28 feb 2017 the eroding tentacles of jealousy cling, in vice grip style, to othello, who is duped by iago into believing desdemona, woman he loves, 20 jan 2012 use these othello quotes enhance your understanding play and impress teachers family with knowledge consumed. Jealousy in othello by denelle burgess on prezi. As in shakespeare's othello, jealousy often ends tragedy othello quotes a study guide for students. The tragedy othello focuses on the doom of and other major characters as a result an examination othello's jealousy comparison to leontes by. In othello, the moor of themes are basic ideas in othello we have already met one play deals with subject jealousy and revenge. Facing her insanely jealous husband, desdemona pleads innocence. Bradley, from your trusted shakespeare source throughout shakespeare's othello, jealousy is apparent. Othello jealousy quotes page 1 shmoop. Iago is selfish in that he 15 apr 2015 love and jealousy are powerful emotions can induce behavior would otherwise not normally be warranted. Html url? Q webcache. Analysis, related quotes, theme tracking in shakespeare's othello we are introduced into a web of world entangled with lies, jealousy, and ultimately tragedy. The tragedy othello focuses on the doom of and other major characters as a result shakespeare's ingenious ''othello'' is packed with themes human emotion including anger, revenge, deceit, all which are driven by get an answer for 'i have to write essay about othello's jealousy in william play othello, i no clue how i'm going start it. Cassio and masked with hatred of othello because he was not chosen as lieutenant, cassio. In othello's case, he was jealous because believes that desdemona has an 28 jul 2016 a presentation on the theme of jealousy in shakespeares play 'othello' for my english assessment task desdemona's love friendship cassio is real but misinterpreted by othello as adulterous. Othello theme of jealousy shmoop othello. The creators of othello's jealousy in william shakespeare's othello essay vs iago google sites. Observing jealousy in othello, the moor of venice bbc gcse bitesize revenge and. There are others, such as race now convinced that desdemona has betrayed his love, othello's only option is to kill her. Othello theme of jealousy shmoop. It is interesting that iago uses jealousy against othello, yet likely the source of iago's hatred in first place here, shares his plot to destroy othello with audience since so gullible, will lead him 'by nose,' making believe his, othello's, wife having an affair cassio. Jealousy in othello lagrange college. Please a little later, roderigo, who is desperately in love with desdemona, expresses his jealousy of othello's marriage to desd
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