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McAllen Performing Arts Center Plans Finalized HD
Now that the McAllen City Commission has approved the design on a new performing arts center, architects are preparing for the construction phase of the project. "Well, the Mayor and the City Commission are very excited about this project. Right now the architects and the engineers are looking at the building, making the final plans, getting the site lines set up like they need to be and getting ready for construction and they'll put the project out for bids roughly in about 7 months. And it should take between 20 and 24 months to build," said District 5 City Commissioner John J. Ingram. Commissioners believe the new property, worth over 30 million dollars, will make a strong statement in McAllen with its very progressive architecture. It will be located on the southeast side of the McAllen Convention Center campus. "It's going to be a beautiful building, about 90 feet tall. You're going to see it from the freeway. The construction and the architecture is just beautiful. And, I think it's going to be something that when people enter McAllen, they're going to know right away that they're in McAllen," added Commissioner Ingram. The Mayor and the city commissioners offered input on the design of the building in series of workshops. "It has an additional pond out there with a statue of a vaquero, very, very attractive, an area for valet parking that's separated from the general traffic flow of coming and dropping off people at the auditorium. It has quite a bit of glass, it has a nice view of the lake that is in front of the convention center, a lot of bring colors in it. It will have a balcony and a large lobby. It's going to be a wonderful addition to this campus out here," said District 1 City Commissioner Scott C. Crane. Commissioners site a number of reasons why constructing this new facility is important for McAllen and for the region. "Well this adds to the quality of life in McAllen. We have a very old theatre, outdated. This is going to bring all the latest technology in. And really at the base of all of this is two things. It's adding to the quality of life for those of us who live here and for our children that perform in the ballets or the mariachi bands or whatever it is that they perform on stage but secondly and equally important is you want to build a community that is attractive to other companies that are potentially looking to relocate to the border region. So, we've got to compete with all the other communities up and down the border," added Commissioner Crane. Before awarding a bid for construction, commissioners will have to finalize a plan to finance this project. The sell of the old Civic Center property and selling naming rights to the performing arts centers have been discussed as options, so far.
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Life Church - New Building Concept Plans
Life Church (Brisbane, Australia) New Building Concept Plans
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Media Arts Center San Diego - New Building Plans
2921 El Cajon Blvd North Park San Diego www.mediaartscenter.org
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RiVA's Community Art Center Pt. 1.mov
A sneak peek at plans to transform a vacant victorian house in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada into a community arts center, in 2 parts. At present, Woodstock and the St. John River Valley has no such facility to accommodate artists, both amateur or professional. RiVA encourages everyone who cares about their community to get involved with this project today!
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Hidden Voices, Chapter 3
Hidden Voices, Chapter 1 Hidden Voices: Home is Not One Story A 2010 Community Art Project: Home Is... Home Is... a community-based project highlighting stories from different homeless populations in the area. Materials created through workshops and interviews will establish the basis a variety of projects (exhibition, performance, lesson plans, and brochure). Stories will be artistically interpreted by undergraduate and graduate students from the Advanced Media Lab at NC State University, led by artists/filmmakers McArthur Freeman and Patrick FitzGerald, professors of Art & Design at NC State University, College of Design in cooperation with Hidden Voices. These media interpretations could take a variety of forms from animation to layered imagery. Eight to ten 1-2 minute media segments will be produced and tied together thematically within the overall production. The production shown publicly in a variety of ways, possibly through photo cell technology that transforms a store window into a screen, by projecting onto exterior wall surfaces, and/or by incorporating the program into an existing film festival or screen. Hidden Voices: Home is Not One Story http://www.hiddenvoices.org The Arts Center 300-G East Main Street Carrboro, NC 27510 Box Office: (919) 929-2787, ext. 201 http://www.artscenterlive.org Exploring the heart of homelessness. http://www.artscenterlive.org/index.php?a=Theatre&b=Current%20Productions&id=783
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Walt Disney's original E.P.C.O.T film (1966) HD FULL VERSION
(c) 1966 The Walt Disney Company. All Right Reserved. Here is the complete original film from Walt's "Epcot / Florida Film" - a 24 minute preview to EPCOT that Walt recorded on October 27, 1966 - just a few weeks before his death. With help from models, concept art and animation, he outlined, for the media and interest groups, his plans for the Florida Project - Disney World and especially the details for EPCOT. This film was shown only to those limited groups in 1967 and on very very few occasion ever since. It was also included as a special feature in 2 dvds: "Walt Disney Treasures: Tomorrowland": http://www.amazon.com/Walt-Disney-Tre... and "Magic Kingdom: Imagineering the Magic": http://www.amazon.com/Magic-Kingdom-I... Learn more about the original Epcot project on the-original-epcot.com. This website and video is not associated in any manner whatsoever with The Walt Disney Company, its subsidiaries and / or its affiliates. The purpose of this site is to present a completely independent presentation of Epcot as imagined by Walt Disney in the 60's and is a personal exercise in online journalism. This presentation is for entertainment only.
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A Multi-purpose Community Art Centre for Cambridge?
A short film about views of Cambridge needing a Multi-purpose Arts Centre. Shown at The Cambridge Arts Network conference at The Guildhall in Cambridge 21.11.13
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Architecture Short Course: How to Develop a Design Concept
All architecture begins with a concept. If you’re struggling to find one, curious about what one is, or wondering how architects begin their projects; this short course will walk you through the process I use and some of the techniques I rely on to develop architectural concepts all illustrated with one of my residential projects. Design is a dialogue, and the concept ensures you have something to talk about. In this video I discuss the precise steps I take when beginning each project and how those steps lead me to an architectural concept. Before we can develop the concept, we have to first understand the practical constraints. My design process begins only after gathering and assessing all the given parameters for a project. Now, this primarily consists of three types of information. There’s information derived from the site - things like: local climate, the prevailing winds, the solar aspect, vegetation, neighboring structures, the site’s history, and any unique liabilities or opportunities. The site of course also comes along with legal frameworks for development, which describe where and what we can and can’t build. The second type of information we’ll gather is from the client. Every client has a set of cultural beliefs and preconceptions, preferences and agendas. Of course, we’ll want to determine their budget, and understand the personality traits and organizational politics which might also shape the design. The client and the building type together determine what architects call, “the program” which is essentially a detailed accounting of all the spaces the building will contain. And the third type of information I gather is related to the building typology – is it a museum, a home…or a school for example? To learn about a building typology we often conduct an analysis of notable or relevant historical precedents. We want to know the essential problems these types of structures grapple with. Understanding the history of the archetype allows us to approach a problem from a fresh perspective. All of this is necessary information that we collect for every project. This inventory can also serve as the progenitor for the design concept – our seed idea. And, rather than shunting creativity, these constraints often incite the creative process. Concept Inspirations Discussed: - Site - Client - Narrative - Materials - Structural - Mainifestos - Formal As with a good film, the setting, the characters, the cinematography, and the plot all conspire to make it what it is. It’s the experience you’ll recall rather than the concept per se. Sure, the concept sets the film in motion and it’s the starting point for all that follows. But this concept – the one or two-line description – can’t possible capture the richness and depth of the finished film…or in our case the architecture. Yet without it, the work is unfulfilling and so it should be clear that the concept is necessary for all our work as architects. // GEAR I USE // DSLR CAMERA: * Canon 70D: http://amzn.to/29klz7k LENSES: * Canon 24mm f2.8 Lens: http://amzn.to/29l7ac5 * Canon 40mm f2.8 Lens: http://amzn.to/29x2QcI AUDIO: * Rode VideoMic Pro (hotshoe mtd.): http://amzn.to/29qlNM3 * ATR-2100 USB (dynamic mic): http://amzn.to/2dFDaKp ARCHITECTURE GEAR: * Prismacolor Markers: http://thirtybyforty.com/markers * Timelapse Camera: http://thirtybyforty.com/brinno * AutoCAD LT: http://amzn.to/2dxjMDH * SketchUp PRO: http://amzn.to/2cRcojz * HP T120 Plotter: http://amzn.to/2dBGf1O * Adobe CC Photography (Photoshop/Lightroom) Plan: http://amzn.to/2dhq5ap STARTUP TOOLKIT: * Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit: http://thirtybyforty.com/SPL -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "100K (Silver Play Button) + A Thank You" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tkK5qls78E -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Cambridge Community Arts Center (unofficial) documentary
Made this documentary for a presentation in my internship class
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Arts & Community Center Construction, February to July 2017
A timelapse video of construction on Burgundy's Arts & Community Center. Demolition and dismantling began at the end of January and construction has continued throughout the spring and summer. This video series shows progress through mid-July.
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Toronto Arts Council Strategic Plan: Arts-Making 2025
Arts Making 2025: Toronto Arts Council Strategic Priorities was developed after a broad and inclusive consultation with the city’s artists and arts organizations. This plan has been developed to guide and support our granting programs for the next 9 years. It is intended to build on our existing strengths while we set the course for a bold and inspiring future.
Funding Found For Performing Arts Center
Orlando moves forward with plans for a new performing arts center.
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Art Tyler on cancellation of CCSF Performing Arts Center
The Chancellor of the California Community College system recently told a CCSF audience that arts programs are peripheral for the mission of CCSF. In this short clip, newly hired CCSF Chancellor Art Tyler is asked to comment on plans to cancel the already funded Performing Arts Education Center, as well as what he's doing about the problem of declining enrollment caused by the negative publicity surrounding the threatened dis-accreditation of the college. These questions were asked by community activist Tomasita Medal at a Dec 5, 2013 event sponsored by Noe Valley Democratic Club, San Francisco for Democracy and other community groups. The full video is available elsewhere on this channel.
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Science Center Community Presentation
The lead design architect for Wellesley’s new Science Center—conceived as a flexible, sustainable hub of integrated instruction and research—recently discussed plans for the building complex.
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Artist builds his Savannah studio with shipping containers
Architect, artist, designer Julio Garcia had been designing plans for shipping container homes for a decade before he found the perfect place to build one: on a long, narrow stretch of his property in Savannah, Georgia. “I’m a big believer we should be adapting to the environment… I remember walking out and looking at the yard and thinking oh my god the land is calling for this linear design.” He picked up two 40 foot shipping containers from the Port of Savannah and, thanks to much advance planning, he was able to install them without removing one tree from his property. He offset the two boxes, cut out the interior container walls and added I-beams, a shed roof and clerestory windows in the center to provide plenty of daylighting. “There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re inside a container so in the design we had to address that. I’ve been in a couple of projects and they don’t function very well and you’re like, ‘Oh, I still feel like I’m in a metal box’.” Garcia believes containers can make for affordable homes: “you could put up a structure like this for about 50K”, but much of the interior was salvaged from other job sites (i.e. the drywall and the kitchen). His Price Street Projects creates plans that are “almost do-it-yourself plans” for shipping container homes and he has installed commercial container spaces, but he’s a big believer that the site should determine the design. http://pricestreetprojects.com/ Original story: https://faircompanies.com/videos/artist-builds-his-savannah-studio-with-shipping-containers
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Strategic Planning Survey Results
Strategic Planning Survey Results. SaddleBrooke Homeowners' Association
A look at NOTO's Redbud Park
Bryan Falk, of Falk Architects, has worked since February with NOTO community members to conceptualize plans for Redbud Park, across the street from the NOTO Arts Center at the corner of N.W. Gordon Street and N. Kansas Avenue. Read more in our 56-page downtown section at http://www.cjonline.com/news/downtowntopeka
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Creating a Nonprofit Business Plan That Works
Presented in collaboration with the Arts & Business Council of New York, panelists Alvin J. Donius (former Director of Planning, Otis Elevator and Turner Construction), Elaine Grogan Luttrull (founder of Minerva Financial Arts), and Fran Smyth (Manager of Arts & Business Services at Arts & Business Council of New York) explain the components of a professional business plan, how to tailor it to your particular mission, and techniques for carrying out your plan in order to attract the funders, and generate the earned income your organization will need to carry out its mission. Did you get some key takeaways from this video? Help us and your peers by sending us video timepoints and topics in the comments below! More at GrantSpace: http://grantspace.org/tools/multimedia/video/launching-a-nonprofit-business-planning-2012-02-22
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Harvard CGBC Lecture Series:  Gordon Gill
"Discovering Form Through Performance: From Master Planning to the Tallest Building in the World" April 20, 2017 Gordon Gill is one of the world’s preeminent exponents of performance-based architecture. His work, which ranges from the world’s largest buildings to sustainable communities, is driven by his philosophy that there is a purposeful relationship between formal design and performance; and that there is a language of performance, which is the basis of his practice: Form Follows Performance. A founding partner of award-winning Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Gordon’s work includes the design of the world’s first net zero-energy skyscraper, the Pearl River Tower (designed at SOM Chicago), the world’s first large-scale positive energy building, Masdar Headquarters, the world’s tallest tower, Kingdom Tower in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and most recently the design of Astana Expo 2017 and its sustainable legacy community for Astana, Kazakhstan. These landmark projects pursue energy independence by harnessing the power of natural forces on site and striking a balance with their environmental contexts. Gordon’s designs also include performing arts centers, museums, strategic carbon planning and urban master plans across the globe. His work has been published and exhibited widely in the U.S. and internationally and his designs have repeatedly been recognized by the American Institute of Architects. In 2009 he was selected as Chicago’s Best Emerging Architect by the Chicago Reader and in 2013 Gordon was elected to The College of Fellows at the American Institute of Architects. Prior to founding AS+GG in 2006, Gordon was an Associate Partner at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and a Director of Design for VOA Associates. The Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities aims to transform the building industry through a commitment to design-centric strategy that directly links research outcomes to the development of new processes, systems, and products. http://www.harvardcgbc.org
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Arts Center funding
Janet Rider-Babbitt,executive director of the Magnolia Arts Council, speaks Monday, January 31, 2011 with the Magnolia Advertising and Promotion Commission about plans to remodel a donated building into a community arts center. www.magnoliareporter.com video
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Lee Gobble sculpture project: Mark Shafer on the foundation tiles artwork
Video produced by Werner Elmker Audio-Visual Studio • elmker.com Fairfield Arts Association plans bronze sculpture of Lee Gobble for Fairfield The Fairfield Art Association will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year - and what better way to mark the milestone than with a new life size bronze sculpture for our community. "We are excited to announce that Christopher Bennett, the same artist we brought to town in the late 1970s to create "William Coop & Friend" for the Fairfield square, and in 1986 "Leapfrog" for the Carnegie Building lawn, has been commissioned to do another bronze figure sculpture that will placed in front of the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center. The project will involve another native artist, Ken Rowe in modeling parts of the figure, and collaboration with Mark Shafer on historical details & design, along with Harri Aalto in tile creation." The FAA board sets aside money each year in a public art fund. That money was directed to building the FACC for nearly ten years, with the purpose of having a new home for the FAA. Since then the board has been saving for a new public art piece. "Lee T. Gobble, Mr. Fairfield" is our new commissioned sculpture and will grace the front lawn of the FACC and forever glance at the Courthouse Steeple he succeeded in replacing. Most everyone in town knew Lee, who passed away at 100 years old in April of this year. There are countless stories about Lee; his family's clothier establishment since 1853, his unique style and quirkiness, his generosity, relationship with Parson College and love of Fairfield. If all goes according to plan, fundraising included, the sculpture could be completed and installed by fall 2016. Raising funds will include securing a public art grant, donations, memorials, fundraising events, and the money already put aside by the FAA for public art. The FAA has recently received a $500 grant for this project from the Fairfield Cultural Alliance. The FAA will need to raise $36,500, and invites donations from anyone that appreciates art, the memory of Lee Gobble, or agrees with the recent "Community Assessment & Recommendations" stating "we would encourage…. more public art throughout the community… especially downtown. We could imagine Fairfield being known for its public art installations in years to come."
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Tracy Morgan live at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport
Tracy Morgan 10/8/16 at the Community Arts Center - Picking up the Pieces 2016 Tour
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The Center for the Performing Arts Tour
The Center for the Performing Arts is a three-venue, world-class performing arts center located in Carmel, Indiana. Learn more at http://www.thecenterpresents.org or Phone: 317-843-3800
Revitalizing... Together
Over the past 15 years, Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation has partnered with resident teams in the Diamond Neighborhoods of southeastern San Diego with the mission of, "Resident Ownership of Neighborhood Change." The goal has been to work in partnership with residents to clarify the community vision that brings about meaningful and sustainable change. This vision includes a comprehensive Development Plan to create a vibrant community center and cultural destination in the heart of San Diego. Stay Connected. Be Informed. Get Engaged! We begin our next phase of work understanding that no single community based organization can achieve social and economic development alone. To be successful, we must engage broader partnerships in various sectors including government, physical development, education, arts, health and safety. We call this next phase of our work Revitalizing... Together.
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Panel: How a Water Plan Will Change Connecticut's Future
Panel: How a Water Plan Will Change Connecticut's Future Monday, November 16, 2015 at 6 pm Wien Theatre, Quick Center for the Arts The significance of water as a campus-wide initiative is encapsulated in the following quote by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in which she comments: “In the United States, water represents one of the great diplomatic and development opportunities of our time. It’s not every day you find an issue where effective diplomacy and development will allow you to save millions of lives, feed the hungry, empower women, advance our national security interests, protect the environment, and demonstrate to billions of people that the United States cares, cares about you and your welfare. Water is that issue.” Water covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface and has become a hot topic issue for people around the world. Students, faculty, staff, and the community at Fairfield University will have the opportunity to become active participants engaging with each other to learn more about these issues and consider solutions for this University-wide focus running from 2014-2016. Moderator: George Logan, Director of Environmental Management & Government Relations, Aquarion Water Company. Panelists: Mike Sullivan, Deputy Commissioner for Environmental Quality at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Jack Betkoski III, Vice Chairman of Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority Lori Mathieu, Public Health Section Chief of the Department of Public Health Maureen Westbrook, Vice President of Customer and Regulatory Affairs at Connecticut Water Co. Margaret Miner, Executive Director of the Rivers Alliance of CT For more info on Fairfield, visit www.fairfield.edu If you want to catch up with the Stags, check out www.fairfieldstags.com Make sure to follow us at: www.instagram.com/fairfieldu www.twitter.com/fairfieldu www.facebook.com/FairfieldUniversity © Fairfield University 2015
Community Art Center Video for Advocacy Day
Video about the Community Art Center in Cambridge, MA, produced by Genuine Productions.
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Segregated School’s History on Exhibit
Segregated School’s History on Exhibit The Franklin Street School in Cape May is now the focus of an exhibit entitled, "Franklin Street School: From Segregation to Unification." The exhibit is presented by the Center for Community Arts in association with the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities. Photographs, artifacts and recorded oral and video histories make up the exhibit which chronicles the history of the school. It also highlights African-American life and history in Cape May and the surrounding region, showing the initial efforts to preserve and rehabilitate the building and plans for the school's expansion and completion. The school building itself has seen about $700,000 in restoration and preservation work, according to CCA Executive Director David Mackenzie, since the organization took it over in 2002. CCA is working with the City of Cape May on further funding to rehabilitate the school to house a community cultural center and other activities still under discussion. Once decisions are made, plans established and funding secured, Mackenzie said there will be at least a nine-month construction period. The exhibit is free and open to the public through April 15 at the Carroll Gallery of the Carriage House, on the grounds of the Emlen Physick Estate. www.capemaycountyherald.com
The Trenton Show
Think you know Trenton? Look again. State of the Arts goes on location to explore the cultural life of the historic capital of New Jersey. Outdoor concerts, graffiti festivals, punk rock flea markets, cutting edge theater, destination restaurants, an amazing community of artists, and big plans for a new downtown arts district are making Trenton a center for cultural activity that is growing fast. Find out how on this special episode of State of the Arts. Included in the show: ArtWorks, Base Camp Trenton, Boheme Opera, Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey, Casa Cultura, Clarke Caton Hintz, Ellarslie Mansion, Trenton City Museum, Isles, Levitt AMP Trenton Music Series, NJ State Museum, Passage Theatre Company, SAGE Coalition, TerraCycle, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Trenton Community A-Team, Trenton Film Society, Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, Trenton Social and more!
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Community for the Confluence | Eau Claire, WI | What is the Confluence Project
The Confluence Project is the revitalization of property commonly referred to as the "Haymarket Site" at the confluence of the Chippewa and Eau Claire rivers in Downtown Eau Claire. It is a private / public partnership between UW-Eau Claire, Eau Claire Regional Arts Council, and Haymarket Concepts, LLC. By bringing together resources of both public and private entities, we have a unique opportunity to create something that neither could do alone. The Confluence Project includes a community arts center, a mixed use building for retail and student "live / learn" housing, parking, and a public plaza. Through input from the community, elected officials, artists, and business owners, the result is a well-thought out plan to bring a vibrant arts center, collaborative arts education, and economic impact to an area that desperately needs rejuvenation. The time to act is now! WE are making history! To learn more or donate, please visit communityfortheconfluence.org and sign up for our email list! You can also 'like' the Community for the Confluence Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter! Video Production and post by The Post House
To Dream the Impossible Green
Produced in the style of the hit NBC series, "The Office," when a Community Arts Center gets a new Executive Director (Ray Olson), the Arts Center staff soon discover that their new director has a passion for the environment and plans to implement his "green" message in every Art Center department and production.
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How Master Planning for K-12 Schools Creates Value
We take you behind the scenes of LPA's master planning process with one of LPA's longest clients, Dr. David Verdugo and Michael Bishop of Paramount Unified School District. LPA's integrated K-12 schools design team worked closely with district staff, the Paramount community and McCarthy Builders to transform the outdated Paramount High School campus into a functional, supportive 21st century learning environment. School facilities play a big role in the educational development of students. Planning an entire school district and campus around programming, budget and site constraints is no easy task. LPA Principal Jim Kisel explains the four pillars of LPA's K-12 facility master planning: engagement, assessment, capability and the mission. Together with the school district, the school's students, parents and community are engaged to survey their priorities for the legacy of the renovation. The site is assessed for strengths and opportunities for improvement. Strategies and partnerships are built to identify budgetary constraints and to seek opportunities for reducing operational costs. Lastly, the core of each decision is rooted in the collective mission and vision for the school and for the students. (K-12 Master Planning) (K-12 School Facility Master Planning) (Paramount High School) (Paramount Unified School District) (Green Schools Los Angeles) (Green Schools Los Angeles County) (Green Schools California) (California Green Schools) (Jim Kisel) (Dr. David Verdugo) (Michael P. Bishop) (former Paramount Unified School District Superintendent Dr. David Verdugo) (sustainability) (sustainable school design) (sustainable design) (k-12 Schools) (K-12 School Facilities) (K-12 School Facilities Master Planning) (Master Planning) (Master Planning for Schools) (Sustainable Master Planning) (Sustainable Architecture) (Sustainable School Architects) (K-12 School Architects) (K-12 School Designers) (Community Engagement) (Trends in K-12 Schools) (Design Trends K-12 Schools) (CHPS certification) (CHPS) (CHPS certified schools) (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) (High Performance K-12 Schools) (High Performance Schools) (Green Schools Southern California) (Green Schools Initiative) (Campus Greenovation) (K-12 Schools Design Trends) (21st Century Learning) (21st Century Learning Environments)
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Teaching art or teaching to think like an artist? | Cindy Foley | TEDxColumbus
What is the purpose and value of Art education in the 21st Century? Foley makes the case the Art’s critical value is to develop learners that think like Artists which means learners who are creative, curious, that seek questions, develop ideas, and play. For that to happen society will need to stop the pervasive, problematic and cliché messaging that implies that creativity is somehow defined as artistic skill. This shift in perception will give educators the courage to teach for creativity, by focusing on three critical habits that artist employ, 1. Comfort with Ambiguity, 2. Idea Generation, and 3. Transdisciplinary Research. This change can make way for Center’s for Creativity in our schools and museums where ideas are king and curiosity reigns. Cindy Meyers Foley is the Executive Assistant Director and Director of Learning and Experience at the Columbus Museum of Art. Foley worked to reimagine the CMA as a 21st century institution that is transformative, active, and participatory. An institution that impacts the health and growth of the community by cultivating, celebrating and championing creativity. Foley envisioned and led the charge to open the 18,000 sq. ft. Center for Creativity in 2011. In 2013, the museum received the National Medal for Museums in recognition of this work. Foley guest edited and wrote chapters for Intentionality and the Twenty-First-Century Museum, for the summer 2014 Journal of Museum Education. In 2012, Foley received the Greater Columbus Arts Council Community Arts Partnership award for Arts Educator. She was a keynote speaker for the OAEA (Ohio Art Education Association) 2012 Conference. She is on the Faculty of Harvard University’s Future of Learning Summer Institute. Foley is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and The Ohio State University. Prior to joining the Museum, she was with the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Maine College of Art, the Portland Museum of Art, and the Wexner Center for the Arts. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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President views Center for the Arts progress
To make a Pledge please visit: http://www.pittstate.edu/office/development/projects/fpac.dot Passersby have watched with fascination recently as workers have installed massive pre-cast concrete walls, causing Pittsburg State University's new Center for the Arts to rapidly rise out of the ground. No one has watched with more interest than PSU President Steve Scott. On Tuesday, Crossland Construction Co. officials gave the president a brief tour so he could see the progress and learn more about the details of the intricate construction. "It is extremely exciting and energizing to see the progress," Scott said. "As I walked through the site, I couldn't help but think of all of the donors who have made this possible." Noting that the construction has piqued the interest of the community and of visitors to campus, the president said it sends a clear message. "This is a campus with momentum," Scott said. "When people see this, they see a university that has defined itself and has a clear mission." As machines growled and beeped and scores of workers focused on their individual tasks, Construction Superintendent Jeff Machado, who is a PSU alumnus, led the president through the site. Machado pointed out massive pre-cast concrete panels, which rest on the building's 236 foundational piers. Those piers, he said, go down more than 30 feet below grade. By the time the job is finished, Machado said, the building will include nearly 80,000 square feet of pre-cast concrete panels and will rise 76 feet. Machado took Scott to the stage area of the theater where he could look over work far below in the orchestra pit and see the first outlines of the seating. "For me, this is a great experience," Machado said, "because I went to school here." He said this spring's weather had been a challenge, but work remains on schedule with completion set for the fall of 2014. "We have a big span to put in today," Machado said. "And for the next four weeks, we'll be doing pre-cast work for the proscenium and stage. It's good to start getting out of the ground." Among those helping build the Arts Center are eight PSU student interns. One of those, James Steeby, a senior construction engineering major from Parsons, said it was exciting to be working on a major project on campus and I t's something he expects to be able to point to with pride for many years to come. "It feels good to be part of it," Steeby said. "I know it will always be there in the future and my kids will benefit." The Center for the Arts is a dream that has been decades in the making, as the university has not had an on-campus venue of this type since Carney Hall closed in 1978. The $33-million facility will include two performance halls, a grand entrance lobby appropriate for receptions and other gatherings, an art gallery, a workspace for an artist-in-residence, a private reception room, a multi-use rehearsal space for large musical groups, and various technical and support spaces. Many people have given generously to make the Center for the Arts a reality, Scott said. That includes an anonymous lead gift of $10 million and later, a $5-million gift from the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation, through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, in honor of PSU graduate and former Walmart president and CEO, H. Lee Scott. "We're continuing to raise money for this," President Scott said after the tour. "Every gift is important and regardless of the size of the gift, we want people to feel ownership in this building." For more information about the PSU Center for the Arts, contact the Office of University Development, 620-235-4768.
Douglas Cardinal designing a community tech center for Ottawa
Douglas Cardinal is designing the technology community centre where Compucorps is going to be one of the non-profit organization interested in being part of this new concept for Ottawa. The idea is to bring several charities and non-profit organizations to share technological resources for their daily operations with innovative solutions.
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International Student Profile | De Anza College
#DEANZACOLLEGE Adila Abudureheman is a computer science major at De Anza who is planning to earn a bachelor's degree in computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. https://www.deanza.edu/international/about.html The office of International Student Programs (ISP) is the primary office on campus that serves the needs of De Anza's international (F-1 Visa) student population. Degree-seeking international students are encouraged to contact this office and visit our campus. ISP also serves many international students who have already received a degree either from the U.S. or their home country who wish to take additional courses to improve their skills. ISP has a multilingual staff who are well informed about educational development, personal and financial planning, cross-cultural issues, immigration rules and regulations, and community programs and resources. The International Student Counselors assist students in designing their educational plans and prepare students for their transfer to a four-year university to continue their undergraduate education. The International Student Advisers help students follow U.S. immigration F-1 visa regulations and maintain their legal student status while studying at the college. -------------------------------------------------- DE ANZA COLLEGE • Always at or near the top statewide in community college transfers to the University of California, California State University, and private universities • A top transfer college to UC Berkeley, as well as to UC Davis and UC San Diego • Regularly featured for our success rates, including on CNN Money in both 2012 and 2013 • 67 degrees, 97 certificates and more than 1,700 courses • Unique attractions – California History Center, Cheeseman Environmental Studies Area, Euphrat Museum of Art, Fujitsu Planetarium and Visual & Performing Arts Center • Vibrant student life, with more than 70 clubs • 19 athletics teams Phone: (408) 864 - 5300 Web: https://www.deanza.edu/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deanzacollege/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/deanza_college Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deanzacollege/
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Community Cultural Development-Համայնքների մշակույթային զարգացում
Project Opportunities Goal: To preserve cultural diversity and support the culture of minorities by strengthening capacities of local authorities, CSOs , managers of culture institutions and local communities in Ukraine and Armenia. Expected Results 2014: * Developed capacities to solve local problems * Designed community development plans that consider real cultural needs of national minorities and disadvantaged groups * Introduced innovative and relevant community services * Raised additional internal and external resources mobilized for community development Activities: * Trainings and seminars for 120 representatives of local actors,authorities,CSOs,managers of culture institutions * Study tour to Poland for 20 local community leaders from Ukraine and Armenia * Development of culture plans for 20 communities * Introducing innovative services of CSOs and with special focus on cultural needs of minorities * Re-granting 40 local initiatives * Awareness raising campaign on culture diversity Countries: Armenia , Ukraine , Poland
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STEM and the Arts | Dr. Makola Abdullah | TEDxRVA
There’s an artificial line between STEM and the arts. Not recognizing this simple truth is as detrimental as not recognizing the diversity in humanity. Dr. Makola Abdullah feels strongly about this and conveys it in a compelling way in his short and entertaining talk. This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. It was filmed and edited by Tijo Media at the Carpenter Theatre at Dominion Arts Center in Richmond, VA. #STEM #art #education #VSU Dr. Makola Abdullah took office as Virginia State University’s 14th President on February 1, 2016. As President, Dr. Abdullah plans to lead with this message: Embracing Opportunities for Excellence. An internationally renowned researcher and educator, Dr. Abdullah has also been recognized for his keen ability to meet and surpass challenging fundraising goals. Throughout his career, he has been committed to increasing the number of African American professionals in the STEM fields. His record of success includes graduating four Ph.D.s and six M.S. scholars, in addition to publishing more than 25 technical publications. Highly respected by students, faculty, and administrators as a forward-thinking, personable leader, Dr. Abdullah is active in his community and is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Hyperrhiz: Kits, Plans, and Schematics. An Exhibition of Electronic Art
As the maker movement has infiltrated the academy, with delightful results, we find ourselves confronted with physical and media objects that can often be exhibited but not “published” in a permanent forum. The newest issue of Hyperrhiz will publish executable culture of all sorts: blueprints, plans, “kits for culture,” 3d-printable files, recipes, and detailed documentation of performances, exhibits, happenings. This exhibition hosted by the Digital Studies Center will feature the physical objects and installations associated with this issue of Hyperrhiz. Join us October 15, 4pm-6pm in the ModLab (Fine Arts, Room 215) for the opening of an art exhibition entitled “Kits, Plans, and Schematics.” The exhibition will also serve as the launch of the Fall 2015 issue of the online journal Hyperrhiz. http://hyperrhiz.io/ https://digitalstudies.camden.rutgers.edu/ Video made by Robert A. Emmons Jr.
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Draft Official Community Plan
The Draft Official Community Plan is ready for your review. We are inviting everyone to take a look and provide comment on the draft document and maps throughout July and August 2011. An Official Community Plan, often referred as an OCP, is a critical regulatory tool that council, staff and the community use to help make decisions on things like where we locate housing, what our transportation priorities are, and how we provide services for more sustainable development over the next 15 years. The Draft OCP was developed from your feedback and input through the myPG Sustainability Plan discussions and kitchen table talks around town throughout Winter and Spring 2010, your Input received through the OCP Review last Summer 2010, and again in the Fall 2010. The Draft OCP was also developed from a number of existing & ongoing plans, studies and work already done. Such as the Active Transportation Plan, Parks & Opens Space Master Plan This summer is the third time we're going to the community with the OCP review prior to moving forward on the more "official or legal steps" in receiving and approving the Draft OCP as a bylaw. You can find this information on the myPG.ca and city website, also The Prince George Public Library computers have been made available for public use to review the Draft OCP and to complete an online comment form. Hard copies of Draft OCP are available at City Hall on the 2nd Floor Planning & Development as well as both Public Library branches. We are inviting you to get involved by attending a Public Open House with your friends and family to learn more about the Draft OCP to take place at the Prince George Civic Centre on Wednesday, July 27th 2011 at both 1-4pm and 6-9pm. On-request meetings are also available for us to come to your next board, association or group meeting to provide you an overview. Once you've had a chance to review the draft, we invite you to use the comment form available at the myPG website, www.mypg.ca. The DEADLINE for Comments is Wednesday August 24th. Some key moves you will see within this Draft OCP include: alignment with the myPG Sustainability Plan, more detail and specific, adaptive, action-oriented, new tools...BUT find out for yourself! For more information and requests please contact Long Range Planning at the City at 250-561-7600 or email us at mypg@city.pg.bc.ca.
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CACCC Diamonds To Die For
The Community Arts Center of Cambria County Presents "Diamonds to Die For," a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Event at the Sunnehanna Country Club, January 21, 2017. See our website for more details! http://www.caccc.org/murder-mystery-dinner.html London! Paris! Milan! New York! And now, Pittsburgh! Join us as we celebrate the launch of megacelebrity, and stylist to the stars, Philippe Le Fleur's brand new jewelry collection! Rumor has it that this is the last collection he will launch, and he plans to go out with a bang. With an audience ranging from world-famous supermodels to ex lovers to Minnesota housewives, will tonight go up in a blaze of glory... or down in flames?
Pittsfield Massachusetts|University Loan|BQ Experts|Credit History
The full set of credits is listed here http://broadcaster.beazil.net/public/credits/youtube/videos/238866 . The Lichtenstein Center for the Arts is a community arts center housed in a historic building in Pittsfield's Upstreet Cultural District. Inside, there's an exhibiting art gallery and performance area, workshops, working artist studios, a ceramic studio and a darkroom. Located at 28 Renne Avenue off of Fenn Street, the gallery hours are Wednesdays through Saturdays, 11am to 4pm. The Lichtenstein Center for the Arts is named in honor of Kitty Lichtenstein, an extraordinary arts benefactor in the Pittsfield community and beyond, who donated the building to the City of Pittsfield. The Lichtenstein Center for the Arts includes nine working artist studios-joining over 40 other working artist studios in Pittsfield's Upstreet Cultural District. Resident artists pay rent and also provide monthly volunteer hours. Get familiar with our Google Plus page https://plus.google.com/+BetterQualifiedLLCEatontown/videos . Get familiar with our Pinterest account https://in.pinterest.com/BQCreditPros/. Consumer credit is credit extended for buying goods and services for one's personal use through installment plans, charge accounts, short-term loans, etc. Better Qualified has developed a proven credit management program that will help you manage your credit and save money. Unlike our competition, we take a personal approach to the credit management process and work with you every step of the way to get you the best possible results. This consultative approach ensures you receive the best results from the Better Qualified credit management process. Our clients complete the program knowing how to maintain good credit long after their term with us ends. You are welcome to http://repaircustumercredit.betterqualifiedlandingpage.com . Better Qualified is a global leader in Credit Care / Credit Repair business. Our staff of credit experts works diligently to attack derogatory accounts, while advising you towards building a better credit score. Better Qualified has developed a proven credit management program that will help you manage your credit and save money. Better Qualified offers businesses and consumers solutions that include, but are not limited to, establishing lines of credit, analysis and consulting on business and consumer credit reports, establishing business credit scores, credit card approval processes, and identity theft protection. The Finance and Insurance sector has been defined to encompass establishments primarily engaged in financial transactions; that is, transactions involving the creation, liquidation, change in ownership of financial assets; or in facilitating financial transactions. Financial industries are extensive users of electronic means for facilitating the verification of financial balances, authorizing transactions, transferring funds to and from transactors' accounts, notifying banks (or credit card issuers) of the individual transactions, and providing daily summaries. Better Qualified is an industry leading credit restoration and identity theft protection company based in Eatontown, NJ. Our philosophy is to help our customers gain financial freedom through our various credit products, including: manage your credit with our 100% legal, effective and time-tested methods, building new credit with secured credit cards, monitoring your credit to protect against identity theft. Better Qualified is unlike any other credit repair company because we always strive to be the best.
Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts
The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, opening in 2014, is located in the heart of downtown Orlando. Including two grand performance theaters, a community theater, outdoor performance plaza, and educational programming space, the performing arts center is not just a building; it is an education and creative hub, city builder and community family room. The Center will propel exposure, interaction, and participation for every walk of life; from those in the far reaches of Central Florida, to those just blocks way. Visit us at www.drphillipscenter.org
Hidden Voices, Chapter 1
Hidden Voices: Home is Not One Story A 2010 Community Art Project: Home Is... Home Is... a community-based project highlighting stories from different homeless populations in the area. Materials created through workshops and interviews will establish the basis a variety of projects (exhibition, performance, lesson plans, and brochure). Stories will be artistically interpreted by undergraduate and graduate students from the Advanced Media Lab at NC State University, led by artists/filmmakers McArthur Freeman and Patrick FitzGerald, professors of Art & Design at NC State University, College of Design in cooperation with Hidden Voices. These media interpretations could take a variety of forms from animation to layered imagery. Eight to ten 1-2 minute media segments will be produced and tied together thematically within the overall production. The production shown publicly in a variety of ways, possibly through photo cell technology that transforms a store window into a screen, by projecting onto exterior wall surfaces, and/or by incorporating the program into an existing film festival or screen. Hidden Voices: Home is Not One Story http://www.hiddenvoices.org The Arts Center 300-G East Main Street Carrboro, NC 27510 Box Office: (919) 929-2787, ext. 201 http://www.artscenterlive.org Exploring the heart of homelessness. http://www.artscenterlive.org/index.php?a=Theatre&b=Current%20Productions&id=783
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Texas Performing Arts - Profile
Each year, Texas Performing Arts offers a diverse season of music, theatre, dance, and conversation. As a university-based arts center we are also committed to serving the academic mission of the College of Fine Arts by supporting the work of our students, faculty and staff on our stages, classrooms, studios and production shops; and in the educational outreach programs we provide for the Austin community. Learn more about Texas Performing Arts in the video above.
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Thayer Barn - Duvall - Most Endangered Properties 2014
Built during the Depression of the 1930's from a Sears & Roebuck barn catalogue and featuring a popular gothic style roof, the Thayer Barn is one of the last remaining dairy barns standing within the City of Duvall in the Snoqualmie River Valley. Situated immediately adjacent to State Route 203, the barn serves as a reference point for the community's agricultural heritage. Yet, the barn has not been actively used for years, and sits dilapidated along the roadside. Efforts to preserve the barn are not new. A decade ago, notice went out that the property would be sold for redevelopment. Local advocates from the Duvall Foundation for the Arts rallied to save the barn, raising a sizeable portion of funds needed to realize the vision of converting the barn to a community arts center. But the deal fell through, and the barn continued to sit, untended. Earlier this year, the property did indeed sell and plans for a housing development are moving forward. Thankfully, the project sponsors have shown a willingness to incorporate the barn into the new development, provided advocates can come up with the needed funds. Local support is present, and advocates from the DFA and The Thayer Barn Project are working on plans to rehabilitate the barn for a community purpose. In the meantime, however, the biggest threat is time. Once permitting for the new housing project is complete, it will go forward with or without the barn. And given the barn's level of deterioration, the structure is unlikely to survive another rainy winter season. For more information or to see more videos about our 2014 Most Endangered List, please visit our website: http://preservewa.org/current-list.aspx
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Sustainable Urban Design on Toronto's Waterfront
A video outlining new development plans for Toronto's Lower Don Lands. Designed to connect the surrounding neighborhoods of eastern and central Toronto, the Lower Don Lands will provide the city and the world with a new model of sustainable urban living for the 21st century. The project has been selected as one of 16 founding projects of the newly launched Climate + Development Program, a partnership between the Clinton Climate Initiative and the US Green Building Council. Follow www.waterfrontoronto.ca for more information about Toronto's waterfront revitalization.
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Hidden Voices, Chapter 2
Hidden Voices: Home is Not One Story A 2010 Community Art Project: Home Is... Home Is... a community-based project highlighting stories from different homeless populations in the area. Materials created through workshops and interviews will establish the basis a variety of projects (exhibition, performance, lesson plans, and brochure). Stories will be artistically interpreted by undergraduate and graduate students from the Advanced Media Lab at NC State University, led by artists/filmmakers McArthur Freeman and Patrick FitzGerald, professors of Art & Design at NC State University, College of Design in cooperation with Hidden Voices. These media interpretations could take a variety of forms from animation to layered imagery. Eight to ten 1-2 minute media segments will be produced and tied together thematically within the overall production. The production shown publicly in a variety of ways, possibly through photo cell technology that transforms a store window into a screen, by projecting onto exterior wall surfaces, and/or by incorporating the program into an existing film festival or screen. Hidden Voices: Home is Not One Story http://www.hiddenvoices.org The Arts Center 300-G East Main Street Carrboro, NC 27510 Box Office: (919) 929-2787, ext. 201 http://www.artscenterlive.org Exploring the heart of homelessness. http://www.artscenterlive.org/index.php?a=Theatre&b=Current%20Productions&id=783
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