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The Beer League - "Pyscho Girlfriend Goes Mental at Hockey Game"
This is why you never bring your girlfriend to a hockey game.
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The Beer League - "Dick Freeze"
We caught a guy trying to rob our dressing room. Here's what we did to him.
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The Beer League - "Better Dead Than Red"
In the conclusion to season one, Rollie returns to a team on the brink of stupidity.
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The Beer League - "Name That Fart"
The guys try to figure out what combination is leading to Beau's unrighetous gas.
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The Beer League - "Rollie's Return"
Rollie returns from the beer convention to some surprising news.
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The Beer League - "Cat Pisses on Jerseys"
Adorable cat pisses on hockey jerseys.
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The Beer League - "The "S" Word"
It's enough to make a grown man puke.
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The Beer League - "Faking It"
Would a guy fake an orgasm? Apparently, yes.
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The Beer League - "Stan Flips Out"
When Rollie leaves on a business trip, things go to hell in a hurry.
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The Beer League - "The Sub Goalie"
When Mark calls in sick minutes before the game, a surprising sub comes to the rescue.
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The Beer League - "Is Stan Mental?"
We've seen enough footage. We finally had to ask the question.
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The Beer League - "One Man's Junk"
When Bobby invites the guys over for the first time, no one is prepared for what they find.
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The Beer League - "Hot Scorekeeper Destroys Team"
Hot scorekeeper in wreaks havoc on the guys.
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The Beer League - "Tinder Surprise"
Tinder is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Remember, if you like it, please share it. We are presently looking at funding models to make this happen, either through Indiegogo or Kickstarter. The more shares and subscribers we get, the more likely this is to happen. Thanks for your support!
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Funny Hockey Series Never Seen in the U.S.
Check out other webisodes on our YouTube channel, The Beer League. Happy to say that we have landed a deal with a group of producers in LA to bring this to network television. Still a long way from getting it made, but we now have some heavy-hitters pulling for us in Hollywood. This is the pilot episode for our half hour comedy series. Originally aired in Canada December 17, 2011 on CityTV. The concept came to me one day driving to a film transfer in Edmonton. I ran the idea by my DOP and he thought it would totally fly. It took about 5 years to get to the point of a pilot.
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The Beer League - "Why Bobby Won't Shower"
Ever played sports with that one weird dude who wouldn't shower in front of the team?
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The Beer League - Original Trailer
Trailer to pitch a half-hour comedy about a men's rec hockey team.
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The Beer League - "Poker Moms"
We had some footage we didn't use from Tinder Surprise. So, here it is. Sometimes, when the boys sit around, we talk about some serious shit, like which TV moms we'd do. Yeah, it's just that deep. Remember to share if you like it and shut the hell up if you don't.
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The Beer League - End the NHL Lockout
Beerleaguers Against Hockey Lockouts (BAHLS) issue a public appeal to the owners and players of the NHL to end the lockout. Courtesy of The Ramsay Downholers.
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Why the Downholers?
Captain Rollie Sweetman explains why Beer League became The Downholers.
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The Beer League - "Rollie's Black Eye"
Captain Rollie Sweetman tells how he got the shiner.
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The Beer League - "The Stripper's Toe"
This is why strippers shouldn't be allowed in dressing rooms.
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Bobby Intro
Bobby Beaton is one strange dude. I don't know what to make of him.
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The New Season
www.downholers.com The boys look forward to the new season.
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The Beer League - "Janice's Revenge"
Accused of censoring the footage, the producers release this scene from the ill-fated poker party.
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The Beer League - "The Canadian Superbowl"
Or, as we like to call it, The Grey Cup. And it's Grey spelled with an "e". The right way, damnit. Rollie documents his own trip to the Canadian Football Championship.
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Merle Intro
The annoying one. He bleeds Saskatchewan green.
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Beer League Hockey Series Intro
www.downholers.com Rollie describes what the site is about.
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Rollie's Role
Captain Rollie Sweetman talks about how he manipulates the team.
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Stan's Warning
www.downholers.com Stan warns the producer to watch his step, especially around the shower.
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Game One vs Fogduckers
www.downholers.com Game one's loss is overshadowed by an even greater problem. How do we shower with cameras around?
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Bo and His Hugh Jazz
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Game Two vs Vikings
Game two sees Rollie send one of his own to the wolves.
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Rollie Intro
www.downholers.com This is Rollie Sweetman, captain of the Ramsay Downholers.
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Game Three vs Fogduckers
www.downholers.com Shitty schedule. Better result. But, what's with Stan going ga-ga over Rollie? Something's weird.
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The Beer League - "The Sex Toy Party"
See what happens when the guys crash the sex toy party.
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The Beer League "Rollie & Janice"
Some women get it. Some don't. This woman doesn't get it.
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Tony Intro
Another Saskatchewan homer.
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www.downholers.com Bo's and Tony's trip to Saskatoon goes sideways. What else is new?
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Micky Intro
Introduction of Micky Molloy, the only guy on the team who actually thinks they should plan a breakout play.
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Stan Intro
Stan Vanderberg is the psycho. Don't piss him off. Really.
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Nelson Intro
The superstar.
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The Beer League - "Beware of Generic Viagra"
A warning to everyone. Using generic Viagra can lead to unexpected results.
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Beau Intro
Beau Connor, the enigmatic forward with the hair of Ron Duguay.
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Downholers Teaser
www.downholers.com Follow-up teaser to the original Beer League concept, now to be launched as a website.
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Mark Intro
The flaky goalie. They don't come much flakier.
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Tommy Reacts to Poker Post
www.downholers.com Tommy reacts to missing video from the poker party. What's up Rollie?
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Stop Pissing Off Drivers
www.downholers.com Tommy rants about assholes on the roads.
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Bert Intro
www.downholers.com Bert Wilkins, not the smoothest of talkers, fumbles his way through his bio.
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Tom Intro
www.downholers.com Tom Roberts, our own helicopter pilot and the only guy who forechecks.
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