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Momma brings 4 babies to the door, 6-20-13
Mommy raccoon appeared with only 2 babies about a week earlier, and now there's 4. We're not sure if they're all hers (two are bigger than the others) or if she's nursing orphans. This is one of the first times she brought all four babies to see us. We're not worried that they'll try to get into the house or attic since we're surrounded by natural woods with plenty of trees for them to nest in.
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Mommy Raccoon & Three New Babies 6-27-14
"Mommy" raccoon brings around her 2014 litter for the first time. Three sweet babies. I'm so excited!
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Mommy Raccoon & 4 babies emerge from bushes, 6-20-13
Mommy raccoon and 4 babies emerge from the bushes to have a family breakfast. Babies chittling and cooing. Crows scare them. This is one of the first days momma raccoon brings them out into the open.
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Bear at bird feeder, video only, 5-17-13
Large black bear checking out the bird feeder, just outside the kitchen window. I have snapshots (stills) of him as he crossed in front of the house, sniffing the edge of the deck (where there are some other bird feeders) as he went along. I started the video as he got to the bird feeder above the bush. He finds nothing and retreats to the woods - the usual place the bears go; an opening in the bushes just south of the garage. We purposely keep the feeders empty when it's "bear season" but they're attracted to them anyway. I recommend watching this video on full screen, to get a good feel for how big he is.
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Raccoon Babies Up a Tree, 6-27-14
Mommy raccoon and her new babies take refuge in a tree near the house after a coyote and other raccoons got too close for comfort. Here's the link for the video of the coyote: http://youtu.be/xRmx3DbbWQY
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Coyote in the side yard, 6-27-14
Coyote often come up to the house one at a time in the daylight (and in groups after dark). We welcome and appreciate all wildlife but this coyote seems to be attracted to a new litter of raccoons hiding in the bushes so we chase him away.
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Hanging with the homies, 10-24-13
Silent slide show. Just another day in paradise, hanging with the homies.
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The Evil Bunny Rabbit In Our Driveway - June 2013
For fans of bunny rabbits, and a little something for fans of Monty Python & The Holy Grail.
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Elk In The Pond 5-11-15
We saw these two elk in the pond a few days ago. Elk has been seen in the area often, but this week is the first time in 26+ years they've been seen on the property. Sorry about the shaky quality of the film, but without a tripod the camera is very sensitive to movement and I was rushing to get filming before they ran off.
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Bear at bird feeder w/sound, 5-17-13
Raw, unedited, short video of me, Mom, and Dad inside the kitchen and reacting to the big black bear that came to check out the bird feeders on the deck. I like to play this video just to hear my mother's voice. I miss you mom! RIP.
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Mommy and 4 babies enjoy lunch, 6-20-13
Mommy raccoon brought her babies back later in the day for another feast on dry dog food. They're pretty noisy, crunching away, but the dog food is actually very healthy for them (for certain birds too). We only put out a small amount at a time, just enough for them to eat in one sitting, so it doesn't attract the bears.
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Listening to Coyotes with Dad, 3-9-13
I believe this is my first time hearing the coyotes sound off at night in the wild (only heard them on TV in the past). I'm on the back porch with Dad, it's about 11:30 PM PT, March 9th, 2013. We can tell the coyotes are down by the pond, just north of the house, coming towards the house. They're probably about 30-40 feet from the house. Dad explains they sometimes come right up to the house and howl. Turns out they do this on a regular basis. Nothing much to see, but interesting to listen too.
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Momma Bear and two Cubs, 8-7-14
Dad and I bear watching on the back porch. It's around 6:30 PM. We see momma bear and her two cubs across the pond. Bears are regular visitors on the property. It's been about 2 months since we've seen this family, I last got them on video in May, but we know they've been around more often from the scat we find on the lawn.
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Snapshots of Momma Bear with Cub, 3-5-13
Welcome to Running Bear Ridge, Long Beach, Washington. Here are a few snapshots of a momma bear with her cub on March 5th, 2013. Spring of 2013 was very exciting, with bear sightings nearly every day, sometimes several times a day. These photos were taken at a distance so I recommend watching this short video in full screen to see more detail.
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Coyotes Howling outside the house, 10-9-13
Short video taken from the bedroom, listening to the coyotes howling in the yard. I can tell by the sound they're very close, probably about 20-30 feet from the window, on the back lawn near the pond. I always find it beautiful and interesting to listen to them.
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Sibling Raccoons (estimated 1-2 yrs old), 6-17-13
We love the raccoons that hang out on the property. They don't do any harm and they're very sweet, but still very wild and skiddish. They often sit on the deck or the porch, much like a dog would, right next to the door or on the steps. They've worn a trail in the grass where they go in and out of the woods. They have a routine they like to stick to, and on this day I interrupted it by being outside with my camera. These two are brothers (we believe they're males), at about 1 or 2 years old as of June 2013 (when this was filmed). Their mother is taking care of four others, born in 2013, and sometimes we see them all 6 together. I call these guys the "twins" because the stripes and coloring of their fur is exactly the same - hard to tell them apart.
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Mommy & all 4 babies run out from under the porch, 6-20-13
Short and sweet. For raccoon lovers only. Mommy raccoon has been coming around for a few years, this year she's nursing 4 babies. One of their regular haunts is the back deck (porch) and the woods next to the garage. The babies are learning the routine.
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Rare Snowfall in southwest WA 2-8-14
Rare and beautiful snowfall on the pacific coast, southwest Washington, February 8th, 2014. View from back porch, Long Beach Peninsula, facing west. Nothing amazing, just beautiful snow and the gentle sound of birds chirping in the far background, and the sound of the pacific ocean off in the distance.
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Bear at bird feeder, video and still photos, no sound, 5-17-13
Black Bear, estimated 400-500 lbs, most likely a male. Same as previous video but with three extra still photos taken as the bear approaches the house.
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Black Bear in Dad's Backyard, 8:50 AM, 5-6-15
Large black bear in the back yard. Probably a male. Black bears come around here regularly, and thankfully they scare easily. I spoke just as I started the video of my camera and that's when he looked up at me and ran off. The only fear here is if you corner them or come up on them by surprise, which is easy to do because they're so quite. But they are beautiful!!
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Coyote Sighting, in the yard, 6-16-14
This coyote was next to the deck, just outside the living room when I first noticed it. By the time I grabbed my camera it had crossed the lawn right to left (north to south). Only documented a few seconds of it sniffing the grass before it walks into the woods. After hearing the sound of its footsteps there, I could tell that was the exact noise I heard while gardening next to those woods (behind the garage) the day before.
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Momma Bear & Two Cubs, 5-18-14
I had just come in from the yard when I looked out the kitchen window and spotted a baby bear on a log. I grabbed my camera and got a few stills before turning on the video. After repositioning several times on the back porch, and fiddling with my camera's telescopic lens, I got great video of momma bear and her two cubs walking up a log into the woods. I'd love to get a GoPro for better video but it's just not in my budget right now. GoPro on my wish list: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F3F0GLU/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00F3F0GLU&linkCode=as2&tag=prac0a9-20&linkId=PGOUN67Q4BR7CT3V
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Family of Deer, 10-1-14
Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. If you get up early enough you can see a lot of wildlife in the park, including beautiful white tailed deer. The little one seemed playful but the older ones looked a big spooked by something off to the right, in the woods. I couldn't see or hear anything around us besides birds and such. But there could have been something in the forest beyond my senses.
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Coyotes sound off in the dark, 11 PM PT, 8-4-13
Coyote activity is a regular thing here. I often see one darting around or standing still, watching me in the yard during the day, and often hear them sounding off in a group at night. It's a very spooky and eerie sound, but beautiful at the same time. Never sounding the same each time, and always interesting. I keep panning the camera even though it's too dark to see the coyotes, because our resident raccoons tend to sneak up on you if you're out on the porch at night. The raccoons are very friendly, but I don't want to be surprised by one.
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Mommy and two babies born in 2013, 6-11-13
A short video of our resident "mommy" raccoon bringing around her two new babies. Later (in another video) we find she's taking care of 4, but we're not sure if they're all hers, or if she's taking care of orphans.
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Bear Watching, 6-14-13, part 1
We (Mom, Dad, and I) spent the morning watching bears grazing and frolicking on the lawn behind the house. Momma bear and two older cubs had just crossed the walkway and went into the woods across the pond. I start this video when one of the young bears starts back across the walkway onto the lawn, then appears to check out Dad on the porch. Pretty scary if you've never encountered a bear in the wild before. But we're close enough to the kitchen door to run in if we have to. We love and respect these bears. We never take them for granted.
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Bear Watching, 6-14-13, part 2
From the relative safety of the back porch, Mom, Dad, and I were watching a momma bear and her cubs grazing on the lawn then cross the walkway and go into the woods across the pond. One cub decides to come back towards the house (see part 1) and run off to the north. I start this video when momma bear decides to come back across the walkway to find that cub, who appears again on our side of the pond, in this video. Then they both disappear into the woods next to the garage - one of their favorite hiding spots.
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Bald Eagle on the pond, 6-15-13
There's a bald eagle that hangs out on the pond, and in the trees above, but he's so quick to leave as soon as I make any noise. You can see him here, flying right to left, about a foot off the water. He's so pretty.
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Brown Colored Black Bear, 9-26-13
Brown colored black bear in grazing in the grass. September 26th, 2013. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I only got a few moments of this beautiful creature.
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Bald Eagle over the pond, 4-21-14
We see this beautiful American Bald Eagle on or near the pond very often. We've even seen him swoop down over the deck, coming very close to the kitchen windows, then flying off over the pond. He's been around a lot more than usual lately, but every time I click my camera he hears it and flies away. This time you'll see him flying left to right just the pond, coming from behind the group of tall pine trees. It has a wing span of at least 5 - 6 feet.
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Wild Turkey Roaming The Streets, Eugene Oregon, 4-29-13
I was out looking at properties on the outskirts of Eugene Oregon, and when I entered the southern section of Eugene's suburbs I came across this group of wild turkeys. Gave me a needed giggle after a long trip.
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Bears across the pond, 9-11-13
Watching bears playing in the woods across the pond, using telephoto lens (that's the clicking noise, I cannot control it). The first bear you see walking along the downed tree is "momma" bear. You will see her two cubs in a moment. This video demonstrates how easily and quickly they can be hidden from view, but still be dangerously close. The house is encircled by undeveloped woods so we are always aware there can be bear and other wild animals anywhere at any time.
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Eagle Flying Over Pond, 5-13-14
Six seconds, in flight, close to water, moving left to right (starting just left of the tall trees in the middle of the screen). Best viewed in full screen. Look for his bright white tail feathers. Blink and you'll miss him. He comes by nearly every day now but the slightest noise from my camera and he bolts.
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Coyote Sighting, by the pond at dusk, 6-14-14
You only get to see it for about 25 seconds, but I think it's pretty cool. We hear them very often, usually after 11 PM, in a pack, but only get to see them once in a while. This is the fourth time I've seen one on the property in about 18 months.... The spot where it sits down and looks my way is right about where they usually hang out and sing in the dark of night... Sorry, the video is a bit shaky because I'm using telephoto without a tripod.
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Mommy Raccoon Watching Me From The Woods, June 2, 2014
This raccoon often watches me from the woods or follows me around the yard when I garden. We can tell by looking at her that she's nursing babies, and we expect she'll be bringing them around to meet us within 2-3 weeks, as she has the last couple of years, always in June.
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Hummingbird Smiles For The Camera, June 2013
June 2013, hanging out on the back porch, bear watching, when a sweet hummingbird checks out me and the camera, only a foot or two away. This video is only lasts 15 seconds and the hummingbird doesn't stick around very long. Don't blink.
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Cinnamon Bear, Fathers Day, 6-15-13
I saw huge ripples on the water, coming from the north end of the pond, so I grabbed my camera as a cinnamon bear (reddish brown colored black bear) appears from the right, stops for a moment to look at me, then crosses the lawn. We estimate the bear is 2 years old because Mom recalls first seeing it as a baby around May of 2011. This video is short, no sound, set in slight slow motion because the bear was running so fast. It took only a few seconds to cross the lawn. This was during a very active period of numerous bear sightings on the property in spring of 2013.
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