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Food Inc. Chicken Farm
A fed up chicken farmer invites the camera in to film the poor health of her chickens as a result of the abnormal growth. She discusses the use of antibiotics in feed. Please read update below! Update: For an inspiring update on the situation of Carole Morison, the woman in this video, please go see this follow-up short documentary posted by FixFoodOrg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0D8uiIIIBw You will see that, indeed, there is another way and that this woman made liars out of those who vilified her in the comments, as well as out of those who lack the humanity or imagination to see that things can be done another way. Yes, Perdue terminated her contract shortly after she had the courage to speak out. Today, Carole is farming as a free woman able to exercise values beyond the bottom line, growing chickens in a manner more healthy for Carole, for the chickens, for the environment, and for the people who eat the chickens. Go read and watch more at the youtube post above and take heart.
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Food, Inc.  Lady Justice, money, and lies
A farmer describes how the justice system is manipulated by corporations with deep pockets and a willingness to lie.
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Ten Minutes of News
What ten minutes of news can do to you.
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