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A very happy THANKS GIVING from 4 grateful families.
https://www.gofundme.com/nkbysees These families is now ahead in life instead of struggling behind and they thank you all for that. I'm so looking forward to sharing more to show you the impact on this family and the other families we will be able to help because of your generous donations on our gofundme page. HAPPY THANKS GIVING FROM THE PHILIPPINES!
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The Lights Come Back On :)
Watch us pay the electric bill and restore power for these 4 families who live behind our house. Thanks for everyone who has donated to the Gofundme! https://www.gofundme.com/nkbysees More donations to the campaign will mean more families we will help and post the videos here So, the bill we thought originally was $60. When it came down to it we realized there were 4 bills - each family has their own meter. 3 of the bills totaled a little more than $200. And one family alone has a bill that is about $550 because once their power was disconnected they reconnected it without permission so they have a lot of fines to pay if they want power back. So we decided to pay the $200 but leave the $550 alone. A normal month's electric bill is around $10 per family. They really only use electricity for a single lightbulb and single fan each. One family has an old tube TV and rice cooker. But that's it. It really make a difference to not be living in the dark. These families really appreciate your donations. They are still working hard every day making Christmas ornaments to sell. The money they earn now can go to food, healthcare and education instead of having to save up funds for the electric bills. This weekend we are going to go on a shopping spree for the families. And some of the kids have some health issues
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Step Out
2nd Edition - 30 second
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15 second version
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Earth Day Promotion - 2nd Edition
Presented by Community Association of The Woodlands
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Earth Day Promotion
Community Association of The Woodlands Wide Screen Version
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Earth Day Promotion 3rd Edition
Presented by the Community Association of The Woodlands
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Dudham receives gift
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New York 3rd Version
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