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Eddie Trunk Portland, OR May 5th 2012 ( part 2 )
So it seems every time I load part 1 which is over 7min long, the a holes on here have a problem with copy rights and remove it. Yet, this is MY VIDEO I SHOT. You were allowed to take camera's in it. You can see many other people's video from other shows year past here in YT no problem.
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Last day of MGO  my Player's
I started these two guys the day MGS4 came out. I have 3 total, but the other is on my other PS3. Anyway, the game's server's are going down tonight ( 6/12/2012 ). So I came back over to pay my respects.
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Death Angel ( 9/15/2012 ) Portland, OR
Was a killer show with Testament and Anthrax. Let me just say this, Death Angel held their own in this show. They really kicked ass!!!!!
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Testament ( 9/15/2012 ) Portland, OR #1
Opening song on Testaments set. I got to meet all the guys backstage before the show. Still kicking much ass after all these years!
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Eddie Trunk Portland, OR May 5th 2012 ( part 1 )
Went and saw Eddie at The Hawthorne Theatre with Jim and Don for a on the road tour of That Metal Show! Was awesome to see them after listing to the show for 4 years on The Boneyard/Hair Nation.
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May 8th 2012
Night workout. So not into it.....shot two videos and was like yawnnnn. :(
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Anthrax ( 9/15/2012 ) Portland, OR #1
Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel came to town this past weekend. Very awesome show! I met the guys of Testament back stage before the show.
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First snow winter 2011/2012
Started this morning.
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Back yard river 20 Nov 2012
They say it never floods. But boy is this thing moving up fast. The normal is a 20ft slope to the river. It's now about 10ft here.
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