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Justin Bieber Portland,OR 14th July 2010
I see people are stealing my video that I shot and now putting it on their accounts. Nice.... I took this video myself. You see it anywhere else they took it! All to raise views on thier accounts..... low lifes. Justin comes out during the sound check to answer fans questions. This was part of the VIP package from his 2.0 tour.
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Queensrÿche 9-20-2010 Seattle
Great song and great dedication to our troops. Nice to see Geoff's daughter sing it with him too.
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Red Bull X1 vs Like The Wind
This is B Spec Like the Wind's race. We all know what a challenge this is using a "normal" race car. Now we can lap them all! I unlocked this car at Level 35 B Spec. It owns everything in every track in both A and B Spec.
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Eddie Trunk Portland, OR May 5th 2012 ( part 2 )
So it seems every time I load part 1 which is over 7min long, the a holes on here have a problem with copy rights and remove it. Yet, this is MY VIDEO I SHOT. You were allowed to take camera's in it. You can see many other people's video from other shows year past here in YT no problem.
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Queensrÿche 9-20-2010 Seattle
Opening song of the night. They still kick ass after all these years. I was rocking their first album ( cassette tape ) in the 8th grade at school in 1984l!!!
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Justin Bieber Portland,OR 14th July 2010
This is the very opening to the show.
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Pax Seattle Killzone Shadow Fall game play
All the games were running on the PS4. This was 8/31/13.
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Pax Seattle Killzone Shadow Fall game play
All the games were running on PS4 consoles. I was being told by the guys running this booth to shoot more of the person playing the screen itself. Many of the games are like that now as they don't want to much shown on the Internet. Video shot 8/31/13
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PAX Seattle PS4 Dual Shock 4 controller
Was at the show today ( 8/31/13) playing some Assassin's Creed BF online.
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Justin Bieber at the RoseGarden 14th July 2010
Took my daughter to see this kid last night. We had front row in the center. We did the whole VIP package.
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Justin Bieber Portland,OR 14th July 2010
All these video's were taken in the front row center. I took a lot more picture's though.
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GT5 Red Bul X1 Nurburgring
This is just one of two laps in the B Spec ALL Star race. Car turns a just over 4 minute time. You get this car by getting to Level 35 B Spec. Could be A Spec as well, I'm just not sure as my A Spec level is 23 atm.
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PAX Seattle PS4 Killzone Shadow Fall booth
All running on PS4 consoles with Dual Shock 4 controllers. I saw the whole system be rebooted with the PS4 home screen come up on each screen while standing there. Video shot 8/31/13.
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Queensrÿche 9-20-2010 Seattle 1
I don't believe in love then Jet City women. Watch video's 2 and 3 to catch it all. Camera was acting up :(
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PAX Seattle Killzone Shadow Fall online loadout screen
This is before the match started. Just some run down of what the load out screen will look like. Has the 3 classes, load out save slots, etc. Video shot 8/31/13
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Roelly Winklaar Emerald Cup guest pose 2013
Some video footage I shot of Roelly up at the show. This was this years EC 2013 in Seattle.
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Roelly Winklaar Emerald Cup guest pose
Some video footage I shot of Roelly at this guest pose this year 2013 at the NPC Emerald Cup in Seattle.
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Gym 21
Getting back into the swing of things. Just feeling the weight out here.
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Last day of MGO  my Player's
I started these two guys the day MGS4 came out. I have 3 total, but the other is on my other PS3. Anyway, the game's server's are going down tonight ( 6/12/2012 ). So I came back over to pay my respects.
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Tesla 9-20-2010 Seattle
Morden Day Cowboy.
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Sean Kingston opening act for Justin Bieber 14th July 2010
He was 1 or 3 opening acts for Justin Biebers My World 2.0 tour.
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GT5 Red Bull X1
I just got this car as a prize for getting to Level 35. This thing is insane fast!!!! This is the B Spec All Star race. This car is lapping everyone with ease.
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Tesla 9-20-2010 Seattle
Song Heaven's Trail. They opened for Queensrÿche.
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Death Angel ( 9/15/2012 ) Portland, OR
Was a killer show with Testament and Anthrax. Let me just say this, Death Angel held their own in this show. They really kicked ass!!!!!
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Gym 11
Not the smartest move just getting back into this, lol. But I get a feel for the weight and I push myself. If I can stay on track. Then 16 plates will come soon I feel.
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Bent over rows with 150lbs. Forcing myself to pick up where I left off after two weeks with my second cold of the season. This is the biggest DB this gym has. So looks like I'll just up the sets.
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Testament ( 9/15/2012 ) Portland, OR #1
Opening song on Testaments set. I got to meet all the guys backstage before the show. Still kicking much ass after all these years!
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Gym 2
Trying to get back to where I left off before the flu bug.....
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Gym 7
10 reps off my norm here. I aim for 50, 40 then 30 reps in 3 sets. One of the last things I do in my arm workouts. Weight is listed at 340lbs on the machine.
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Gym 19
Pull downs with 12 plates. This is my norm max. Here, just feeling the weight again. So not ready for this. But I won't shy away from it. I have to lean back a bit because the machine will lift on the front. Not bolted down and not funny when it does, lol. Video's 13 to 19 here shot all same night.
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Eddie Trunk Portland, OR May 5th 2012 ( part 1 )
Went and saw Eddie at The Hawthorne Theatre with Jim and Don for a on the road tour of That Metal Show! Was awesome to see them after listing to the show for 4 years on The Boneyard/Hair Nation.
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Gym week 4
Ever so slowly getting back to my 6 reps of this, lol. Natural is a very so build. :( Also notice how I lay flat always. None of the arched back stuff. My chest is weak because I workout alone. I have to ask people to come spot me.
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May 8th 2012
Night workout. So not into it.....shot two videos and was like yawnnnn. :(
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Anthrax ( 9/15/2012 ) Portland, OR #1
Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel came to town this past weekend. Very awesome show! I met the guys of Testament back stage before the show.
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Gym week 4
Just getting a good pump going.
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Gym Jan 25 2011
Started a new gym to start the new year. Feeling pretty good about the move. This is 12 45lbs and 6 100lbs plates. You can hear one of the 45lbs falls off at the end, lol.... epic.
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Gym 28
Epic fail here, lol. My norm is 8 reps. I'll be back in a week like normal after getting a flu bug.
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Just getting back into it after a flu bug. Just turned 41 also on the 3rd of Sept.
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Week 4
12 plates, just getting a feel for it still. Once I hit a full 10 reps both hands same time. I'll be back to normal. It's pretty heavy, lol.
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Gym3 Jan 25 2011
I have not done these since 2009. My old gym had one of these that was not made correctly at all. So I never used it for two years. This is all muscle memory here. I left off in 2009 doing 12 45lbs. This is 10 45lbs. It feels SO nice to do these again. But age 41 and oxygen transfer is kicking my but here, lol... all good.
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Gym 8
This is set number 2. First one the camera didn't take... Getting back into it. Weight is 300lbs.
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Gym 4
10 reps off my norm for this set here... just getting back into it. Weight is 200lbs.
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