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Travel Coffee Mugs - Double Wall Tumbler with Straw
Travel Coffee Mugs Click here to buy on Amazon - http://amzn.to/2fzrw8p Coffee is one of the most popular nonalcoholic beverages in the world. And if you like taking your cuppa Joe wherever you go, travel coffee mugs are the best option. In particular, a stainless steel double wall tumbler with straw as shown here is a coffee container you just can't go wrong with. So whether you need one for your commute to work or other to take along on leisure activities like hiking or camping, now you can expect piping hot coffee whenever you need it. But what exactly are the qualities of an excellent travel coffee mug or tumbler? ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYQzMt-k0x8&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYQzMt-k0x8&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYQzMt-k0x8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYQzMt-k0x8 http://youtu.be/nYQzMt-k0x8 https://youtu.be/nYQzMt-k0x8 Lockable lid Travelling is bound to shake and disturb the stability of the coffee in the tumbler. This can have damning consequences if the lid does not lock tightly to reduce any spillage of your coffee. Good thing then that the Leverest stainless steel tumbler features a slider lid to help prevent sloshing and leaking when you're holding it while on the move. An important aspect for any tumblers serving as insulated coffee mugs. Superb insulation Insulation plays a critical role in maintaining the right temperatures of your coffee drink. It does not matter whether you want your coffee hot, cold or lukewarm what matters is ensuring the drink maintains your desired temperature. The Leverest Double walled vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler has superb insulation. Travellers don’t have to worry about environmental temperatures interfering with the hotness or coldness of the beverage. Made from high quality material The interior of the mug has to be made from durable, hygienic material that does not add odors to your coffee drink. High quality stainless steel perfectly fits this requirement; it has a reputation of being hygienic, easy to clean and highly durable. Stainless steel is BPA free; this compound, used as coating in drinks and food cans, is known to have serious implications on human health. BPA interferes with the secretion, production, transport and elimination of natural hormones in the human body. When used to make the exterior, stainless steel not only gives the tumbler a clean, shiny look, but is also very easy to clean. Leak Proof Having your coffee leaking and messing up your other travel luggage in your bag or just spilling inside the vehicle can be very disappointing. An excellent travel coffee mug should prevent leaks and splashing so that your coffee remains in the tumbler until you decide it is time to have your refreshment. Ease of use High quality travel coffee mugs should blend the above characteristics with ease of use. Ability to open and drink from it using one hand is a big convenience to the traveler. The tumbler should be easy to carry and fits well in most auto cup holders. The Leverest's comfort grip handle is another bonus making it easy to use this insulated 30oz tumbler / mug. Getting coffee mugs for travellers with all these qualities is now easy. Leverest is a manufacturer of high quality stainless steel tumblers. With many years of experience in catering for the needs of travelling, coffee enthusiasts the company designs and manufactures stylish tumblers that are fit for purpose. These excellent tumblers are ideal for hiking, camping and any other outdoor activities. Subscribe to our channel here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjJvlwwF2AczMMCXzWBWp4A #travelcoffeemugs #besttravelmug #stainlesssteeltumbler #insulatedcoffeemugs #bestinsulatedcoffeemug
Leverest Tumbler With Straw -  No.1 Stainless Steel Double Walled Tumbler / Travel Mug!
Leverest Tumbler With Straw Available on Amazon now - https://goo.gl/f99FzO Fishing and hiking are two popular outdoor activities which many Americans enjoy doing as a way to unwind and relax. Regardless of which one you're into, keeping hydrated or being able to enjoy your favourite drink while doing so is an important part of the experience too. This is one of the many reasons why stainless steel tumblers have become so popular with nature lovers. Take the Leverest insulated 30oz tumbler with straw and handle for instance. Wherever you take it, you can rest assured of your beverage having the perfect temperature for as long as you need it to thanks to the double walled tumbler design. But what other features make this such a vital part of these excursions for so many people? ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxjN6FP2DVY&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxjN6FP2DVY&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxjN6FP2DVY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxjN6FP2DVY http://youtu.be/TxjN6FP2DVY https://youtu.be/TxjN6FP2DVY Spill-proof: Of course, fishing is an outdoor activity that firstly involves travelling to the fishing grounds. If you are not fishing from the river banks, however, you might have to venture into the open waters, be it a dam, lake, sea or ocean. This will certainly involve you taking a ride in a vessel. The upshot of these is that your tumbler will be subject to constant tossing about as you walk or ride in the boat. Having a stainless steel tumbler with a slider lid which reduces spillage from the liquid sloshing around, results in a far less messy experience compared to carting around a drink in a container with an open lid. Just to mention as well, the Leverest tumbler's slider lid is made from hardened BPA-free plastic which has no contaminates and is virtually indestructible. Another feature is the stainless steel straw (and cleaning brush) which this tumbler comes with. Not only are they a pleasure to drink from and eco-friendly (since you don't need to keep using and throwing away plastic straws) but they make it much easier to drink form when you're on the move - e.g. on a choppy sea or walking along a rocky outcrop at a beach. Perfect insulation Since fishing requires time and patience, it becomes necessary to have a well insulated tumbler for your coffee, for example. Such a coffee mug / tumbler easily solves this problem as the insulation helps to prevent the movement of heat between the coffee and the outside environment. But what kind of insulation will ensure you retain the temperatures of your coffee for extended amounts of time? A double walled tumbler is the perfect solution for your insulation needs. The vacuum in-between the walls of the double wall tumbler is an excellent insulator that will keep your beverage at the right temperatures for extended periods of time. Eco-friendly An excellent tumbler for the fishing enthusiast should show respect for nature and the environment. Once you are done with the tumbler after many days of use and you need to dispose of it, you will be at peace with yourself and the environment when you are sure your tumbler is eco-friendly. Damaging the same environment that you are benefiting from in your fishing expeditions is grossly unethical, not to say illegal. On the same breadth, though one should not go disposing of coffee cups carelessly, there is the unfortunate possibility that your mug might slip and vanish into the waters while you are fishing. The best you can do is to ensure you use eco-friendly stainless steel travel coffee mugs. Getting this kind of fishing-friendly tumbler with straw is quite easy. You only need to identify them by their reputation. Leverest tumblers found at www.leverest.com, are renowned for their durability, eco-friendliness and thermal qualities which make them ideal for anyone who needs to enjoy his or her favorite drink while out in nature. The prices of the tumbler with straw are competitive, giving outdoor enthusiasts a bigger reason to have them as part of the utilities in their excursions. ** Subscribe to our Stainless Steel Tumbler Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjJvlwwF2AczMMCXzWBWp4A #tumblerwithstraw #tumblerwithlids #doublewalledtumblerwithstraw #insulatedtumblerswithlidsandstraws #stainlesssteeltumbler
Stainless Steel Tumbler - Best Travel Coffee Mugs
Stainless Steel Tumbler Click here to buy - http://amzn.to/2gD6k0I For anyone who loves coffee and uses a stainless steel tumbler to store and carry ready-made coffee (or other drinks) around with them, you're going to love the Leverest. It does the same job or better than a Yeti insulated double walled tumbler, yet costs much less. ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iK7igEbgZM&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iK7igEbgZM&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iK7igEbgZM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iK7igEbgZM http://youtu.be/1iK7igEbgZM https://youtu.be/1iK7igEbgZM Advantages of a Stainless Steel Tumbler: * Easy to clean Anytime you are out of home, you need a piece of utensil that does not require too much time and effort to clean. A tumbler using stainless steel offers you this convenience. Being shiny and smooth, it is easy to see dirt and stains inside this tumbler. Its’ smooth surfaces make it very convenient to scrub and wipe. With just a little water and necessary disinfectants, you can easily clean, rinse and dry it whether at home or outdoors camping or hiking. * Durability What makes these the best travel coffee mugs is the fact that stainless steel will not wear away due to rusting; in fact it does not rust at all. This, in addition this material is hard enough to resist breakage and the adversities of travel, making it an excellent choice of doubled walled tumblerl. * BPA free Every time you take your coffee, you want to be sure that no unwanted compounds will find their way into your body. BPA is a harmful compound found in plastics. This compound affects your body’s natural hormone mechanism with disastrous health consequences. Using a stainless steel tumbler is one sure way of keeping BPA and its accompanying negative effects out of your body system. It’s better to be safe than sorry. * Non-Metallic odor Coffee in its many variations is very good at absorbing odors from its immediate environment. These odors can come from the material used to make the tumbler in which you've got your coffee. Such odors ruin the natural scents and tastes of this wonderful beverage. Granted, even some metals can emit odors or tastes that will end up messing with the flavour of your coffee. Stainless steel emits no odors and these stainless steel tumblers have been electro-polished inside to eliminate any metallic taste. This is one of the many aspects which makes the Leverest tumbler one of the best travel coffee mugs available. * Easy to use These tumblers are easy to use and carry around despite its generous 30oz size. You can comfortably hold and drink from it thanks to the comfort grip handle included. Even without the handle attached, its double walled vacuum insulation design means that this stainless steel tumbler will not burn your hand as you hold it nether will you feel the chilly temperatures of the beverage inside. * Convenient carrying Some materials are malleable and will easily give in to physical pressure in your bag. Plastic for instance, often gets dented when exposed to some degree of pressure. With a tumbler made from such material, your tumbler ends up taking funny shapes when you unpack it for your refreshment. In case of extreme pressure, inferior material will give in and establish leaks over time. Stainless steel saves you from all these unwanted eventualities. So if you're looking for the highest quality stainless steel tumbler, the Leverest model with it's stunning matte black powder coated exterior and laser engraved logo offers customers a premium option that's gorgeous to look at but built to last a lifetime. Subscribe to the Stainless Steel Tumbler channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjJvlwwF2AczMMCXzWBWp4A #stainlesssteeltumbler #doublewalledtumbler #tumblerwithstraw #tumblerwithlidsandstraws #powdercoatedtumblers
Best Travel Mug - Premium Stainless Steel Tumbler and Travel Coffee Mugs
Best Travel Mug Buy The Premium Leverest Tumbler Here - http://amzn.to/2fIUJZy Many regular coffee or tea drinkers are often disappointed by the quality of service they get from what they initially thought was the best travel mug. Their new mug or tumbler ends up leaking or it doesn't keep their drinks as hot or cold for as long as needed. This can ruin some people's days - imagine arriving at work on a Monday and not only is your coffee dripping down the side but it's also luke warm already. These are just some of the indicators that one is not using the ideal product. What goes into ensuring that the one you purchases is one of the travel coffee mugs in the market? Consider the following: ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDJqlG7Yf0k&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDJqlG7Yf0k&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDJqlG7Yf0k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDJqlG7Yf0k http://youtu.be/HDJqlG7Yf0k https://youtu.be/HDJqlG7Yf0k Leak Proof The Leverest stainless steel tumbler has a slider lid which when in the closed position prevents sloshing and splashing if you're out and about with it. Featuring a comfortable mouth section to drink from, there's no fussing about with a latch or lock type mechanism. When you're thirsty, you simply slide the latch and the liquid flows. High quality insulation You want to take your coffee at the right temperature. If it is cold and you want your coffee hot even after several hours of travel, the best travel mug must be able to deliver up to 6 hours of heat retention. On the other hand, if it is hot and you need your drink to be refreshingly cold, the best coffee mug should keep out the higher environmental temperatures from reaching your beverage for as long as 24 hours. To achieve this, the mug must have several critical characteristics including: * Double walled Insulated Tumbler Design The two walls, one exterior and the other interior, act as a double buffer to minimize heat transfer either into or out of the tumbler. This feature lowers the possibility of heat / cold passing across from either direction and thus plays a vital role in maintaining the temperature of your coffee / tea / beer / water / smoothie to levels that are optimal. But this does not work in isolation to realize this objective. * Vacuum insulation Between the two walls is a vacuum. It is a well established fact that a vacuum does not conduct heat. This feature works to supplement the double walled design and delivers perfect insulation or your drink for extended periods of time. Hygienic material It is common to find drink and food cans with material that contains Bisphenol A (BPA). Medical experts continually advise against the use of any food and drink containers made from materials that contain this compound. The best coffee mug respects your health and well being; it is made from materials that contain zero levels of BPA. Stainless steel is the most preferred material for making food and drink containers since it contains no traces of this harmful compound. As part of assuring you of high hygiene standards, the interior and exterior of this kind of mug are made of stainless steel. This metal is very easy to clean and is 100% rust free. Leverest, found at www.leverstliving.com, is the manufacturer of some the stainless steel tumblers on the market today. The tumblers are excellent companions to any traveller. It does not matter whether you are travelling for official purposes or for leisure, coffee tumbler / mugs from Leverest will never disappoint. Carry your coffee for a hike, camping or any other outdoor activities and you will want no other brand of coffee mugs. These premium travel mugs are available at competitive prices too. #besttravelmug #travelcoffeemugs #stainlesssteeltravelmug #stainlesssteelinsulatedtumbler
Best Insulated Coffee Mug - The Only One You'll Ever Need!
Best Insulated Coffee Mug Click to buy now - https://goo.gl/EazlDw For anyone who loves their coffee, you'll love this tumbler with it's stainless steel double walled design making it one of the best travel mug options on the market. ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHiOja-LLEs&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHiOja-LLEs&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHiOja-LLEs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHiOja-LLEs http://youtu.be/FHiOja-LLEs https://youtu.be/FHiOja-LLEs Insulated tumblers with lids and straws like these are the perfect travel companion when it comes to taking your favourite drink with you wherever you go. But it's not just coffee that this is ideal for. Ice cold drinks are also a good option as thanks to the double wall design (which features a vacuum of air between each of them limiting the transfer of heat from the inside and outside) it'll keep liquids at the perfect temperature for extended periods of time. Not only that, but the lid fits snuggly thanks to a rubber seal which also limits the escape of hot or cold from inside the tumbler. Another aspect which makes this one of the best insulated coffee mugs / tumblers, is the fact that it comes with a customized, removable handle. Designed with a comfortable grip, it makes using and drinking from this tumbler much easier. Especially considering it's generous 30oz size. You're also unlikely to ever spill or mess thanks to the slider lid, which flicks shut preventing liquid escaping when it's being sloshed around. In addition, drinking form the accompanying stainless steel straw means you don't need to tilt the mug to drink from it. Instead you simply need lower your head to take sips. This make is much easier to drink from when you're on the move. The Leverest insulated 30oz tumbler features a distinctive premium finish with it's matte black powder-coated exterior and laser engraved logo. Built to last for decades, it looks incredibly stylish too. If you'd like to try one of these then please click the link above! #bestinsulatedcoffeemug #besttravelmug #insulatedtumblerswithlidsandstraws #insulatedtumbler
Tumblers With Lids - These Rock!
Tumblers With Lids Get one of these awesome tumblers here - https://goo.gl/C9POBI Whether you're into backpacking and hiking or you are somebody that prefers to stick to the confines of the concrete jungle instead, taking your favourite drink with you is always a bonus. One of the major challenges in this activity is preserving and transporting your beverage of choice around in a convenient manner. This is where the Leverest stainless steel tumblers with lids and straws come into their own. It doesn't matter whether you need one to keep your coffee piping hot throughout your commute to work all the way until lunch, or you need your water to remain ice cold all day during a hike, the 30oz insulated Leverest has you covered. ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYlCWch9ro4&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYlCWch9ro4&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYlCWch9ro4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYlCWch9ro4 http://youtu.be/TYlCWch9ro4 https://youtu.be/TYlCWch9ro4 Preventing leaks and spills While hiking through mountainous terrain, the slider lid ensures that this tumbler won't leak once the liquid starts sloshing around (as long as you keep it relatively upright). Once the lid is slid open, it's comfortable mouth piece is designed to limit spilling too. To add to this, there's a stainless steel straw making it even easier to drink form when you're on the move. Excellent insulation Sometimes a person's commute to work can take just as long as an afternoon hike, thus the Leverest tumblers with lids and straws need to be able to retain the liquids optimum temperature for as long as possible. But how does it do this? Insulated coffee mugs and tumblers deliver excellent results in this respect their double walled tumbler design, providing outstanding insulation. Basically, there's a vacuum of air locked between the two walls of the tumbler to ensure your drink remains hot or cold for extended periods as the vacuum limits the transfer of heat. Eco-friendly You don’t have to get new sets of tumblers every time you go out for an overnight backpacking adventure. This would be detrimental to the environment since you have to keep disposing of such mugs. Instead, the hardy build of stainless steel tumblers like this one are means that they can be used over and over again for decades. So you'll be helping advance environmental protection by avoiding the use of common disposal of cups and mugs made with inferior materials Portability The best travel mug accompanying you on your journeys should be easy to carry whilst still being able to hold enough to quench your thirst. Again, the Leverest 30oz insulated tumbler does just that. With its removable comfort grip handle, drinking and using it is a breeze. Healthy to use Easy cleaning is another great convenience of these tumbles considering the wide mouth of the opening when the lid is removed. Also, stainless steel is a surface that's is easy to clean well and is free of harmful BPA or other chemical compounds. The lids are made from BPA-free plastic too just in case you were wondering. So the next time find yourself with a cold coffee after purchasing a coffee in a disposable cup 10 minutes earlier, or you reach your rest point during a hike to find your previously icey water is now luke warm, consider what a Leverest tumbler could do for you. To buy the perfect travel companion now, click the link above! #tumblerswithlids #insulatedtumblerswithlidsandstraws #tumblerswithlidsandstraws #tumblerwithlidandstraw #stainlesssteeltumbler
Double Walled Tumbler (Leverest 30oz)
Double Walled Tumbler Want to own one? Click here - https://goo.gl/WPYHjJ Outdoor games and sports are vital recreational activities to many people. These games can be exhausting thus plenty of participants like taking refreshments along to help keep you energized and in top physical condition. The challenge arises when it comes to carrying these drinks around and also enjoying them at the right temperature. In fact, spectators also face the same scenario when it comes to their beverages. This is precisely why the thermal design of double walled tumblers have become so incredibly popular, like this 30oz Leverest model. These stainless steel tumblers are versatile enough to serve as the best travel coffee mugs, or the perfect pitcher to keep your beer / soft drink / smoothie ice cold. But what should you be taking into consideration when trying to choose one of these tumblers? ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRT7OuGmUok&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRT7OuGmUok&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRT7OuGmUok http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRT7OuGmUok http://youtu.be/oRT7OuGmUok https://youtu.be/oRT7OuGmUok Easy to carry Its design should be ergonomic enough to easily hold in one hand. This 30oz Leverest stainless tumbler, however, also comes bundled with a removable comfort grip handle making drinking out of it and carrying it around even easier. Using the handle is also useful for those with smaller hands. Leak and splash resistant You don’t want a double walled tumbler that is prone to leaks while drinking or walking around with it; such that it's likely to stain your sports gear. Thus it always makes more sense to choose tumblers with lids and straws. The lids, in this case featuring the slide open & close latch, helps prevent leaking and splashing when the liquid is sloshed around. While the straw makes it easier to drink from and doesn't require you to tilt it up to your head, which can also cause spilling. Instead, you simply raise the tumbler towards your head in the upright position and sip. Sounds simple but you'd be amazed at how far fewer incidents of messing and spilling this leads to. Sporty look Sports carry a certain mood with them. You don’t dress in a sporty brightly colored costume only to mess it with dull looking tumblers. The Leverest double walled tumbler features a striking matte black powder-coated exterior with a laser engraved logo exposing the gleaming stainless steel surface underneath. Built to last, it looks "the bomb" too. Healthy to use You may have heard of tumblers, cans and containers built form materials which contain harmful compounds. It would be foolhardy to continue using such tumblers, especially if you are a sportsperson trying to keep fit and healthy. Avoid any tumbler made from materials that contain BPA. A stainless steel travel mug or tumbler is your best bet since it contains no traces of this substance, or any other known harmful compound. The lids of the Leverest tumblers are also made of an indestructible, BPA-free plastic too. Odor free The best insulated coffee mugs made of stainless steel do not retain or emit any odors that might otherwise spoil your beverage. Just make sure the mug or tumbler is cleaned properly and you will be sure to always enjoy your beverage in its natural aroma. Luckily, not only is stainless steel easy to clean, but Leverest tumblers have also been electro-polished to remove any metallic taste as well. Sufficiently insulated Double walled tumblers with lids and straws have to be adequately insulated. If you overlook this you will always be disappointed every time you go to take a sip of your drink only to find it's lost it's optimal temperature. Perfect insulation implies a tumbler with double walls that are separated by a vacuum space. This space deters any exchange of heat between your drinks and the external environment. If you're looking to get your hands on a tumbler that fits all these attributes and more, then click the link above to buy one for yourself now. Expertly crafted and built to last a lifetime, they're also super stylish and a pleasure to hold and look at. #doublewalledtumbler #stainlesssteeltumbler #bestinsulatedcoffeemug #doublewalltumblerwithstraw# #tumblerswithlidsandstraws
Tumblers with Lids and Straws - Perfect Stainless Steel Travel Mug
Tumblers with Lids and Straws Click to buy now - https://goo.gl/BBGtML Taking along tumblers with lids and straws for you and the family when going on outings is one of the best ways to keep refreshed. It can also work out much cheaper bringing your own drinks rather than purchasing them during your trip. But the savings are not the only benefits of owning and using a Leverest insulated tumbler, as these stylish drinks containers are both versatile and pratical. If you're new to these amazing products, then there are a number of things to think about before getting one... ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cIJGglyd8s&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cIJGglyd8s&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cIJGglyd8s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cIJGglyd8s http://youtu.be/2cIJGglyd8s https://youtu.be/2cIJGglyd8s Splash resistant tumblers Tumblers with lids and straws are always a good option. Remember you might end up using more than one mode of transport to get to and from your destination. You thus need the best to go mug that will serve your purpose in all the environments you will pass through. Tumblers like these are the perfect travel companion. The slider lids are easy to operate; just a flick of a finger and you are ready to drink. While on the move, simply slide the lid to the closed position to stop the sloshing liquid from escaping. It's not 100% leak proof so you can't leave it lying on it's side. However, for normal use on the move, as long as you keep it relatively upright there won't be any spilling or messing. Also, the stainless steel straw and comfort-grip handle that come included also help avoid any messing by making drinking out of this insulated 30 oz tumbler a breeze. Eco-friendly Wildlife habitats are sensitive places. No littering is allowed and any litter bins are usually far apart. Visitors are mostly encouraged to carry their litter with them. This is where disposable cups and mugs can become a burden. However, Leverest tumblers with lids and straws are made of durable and easy to clean stainless steel. You can keep using the same tumblers during many of your trips in the future without having to always worry about throwing them away and buying new ones afterwards like with plastic cups and containers. BPA Free As much you mind about the environment it is equally important to also mind about your health. Some of the tumblers in the market are made from materials that contain Bisphenol A, a very hazardous compound once it gets its way into the human body. Rest assured a stainless steel insulated tumbler contains no traces of this compound or any other harmful compound; they are simply absolutely safe to use. Getting the right tumblers with lids and straws for your outings is easy and affordable with the Leverest products. If you'd like to learn more or buy one for yourself, please click the link above! #tumblerwithstraw #doublewalltumblerwithstraw #tumblerswithlidsandstraws #tumblerwithstrawandlid
Insulated Tumbler - Superb Insulated Coffee Mugs
Insulated Tumbler Click here to buy now - https://goo.gl/RPiwqs Commuting to and from work can be a tedious task, but having your favourite drink to accompany you can make all the difference. The Leverest insulated 30oz tumbler is the ideal travel companion for these journeys. Its generous size means you'll have more than enough to sip your way through the commute and still have coffee left once you've arrived at your desk. Additionally, this doubled walled tumbler will also keep your drink piping hot or ice cold for as long as you need it to. ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OIXt86L_fM&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OIXt86L_fM&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OIXt86L_fM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OIXt86L_fM http://youtu.be/6OIXt86L_fM https://youtu.be/6OIXt86L_fM What exactly should one look for when trying to choose between the various stainless steel tumbler options on the market. Well, here are some pointers... Insulation Ultimately you need your beverage at the right temperature to enjoy it properly. Seasons change and so does the heat requirement of your beverage. During winter you need your coffee to be as hot as possible, while during the warm summer months an ice cold beverage will probably do the trick instead. You don’t have to use your car’s air conditioning or such desperate measures to try to manipulate the temperatures of your drink. A high quality double walled insulated tumbler like the Leverest model is designed to ensure your beverage retains its temperature for extended periods of time. You can count on the two steel walls, the interior and exterior walls along with the vacuum seal between these walls to ensure there is zero heat transfer between the beverage inside the tumbler and the external environment. Ease to carry and use People use different modes of transport, some travel by private car, other by public transport or even cycle to work. Irrespective of your mode of transport always make sure the tumbler you use is commuter-friendly to your specific mode of transport. The Leverest tumbler features a comfort-grip handle for easy drinking and holding while you're on the go. The handle is removable so you can easily slide it off when it's not needed. Eco-friendly Disposable cups and other drinks containers are a nuisance to the environment. You have to keep getting rid of them every time you use one. This is raises environmental concerns. The best travel mugs have to be reusable and durable. This insulated 30oz tumbler ensures you directly contribute to the protection of the environment. Stainless steel travel mugs perfectly fit this need. Healthy and hygienic You don’t have to compromise your health by using tumblers that emit compounds which are detrimental to your health. Some materials that are commonly used to make some coffee mugs contain Bisphenol A. This compound affects your body’s natural hormone production, use and disposal with unwanted health implications. Stainless steel insulated tumbler contains no BPA or any other harmful compounds. The lid which comes with the Leverest is also made from BPA-free plastic. Easy to clean First off, these tumblers have been electro-polished to remove any metallic taste. Cleaning them is a breeze though, as their 30oz size means that the mouth opening is wide enough to easily fit your hand and cleaning brushes / clothes into it to give it a proper clean. Stainless steel by its very design is an easy material to clean. You'll also find that the stainless steel straw that comes with the tumbler has it's own custom cleaning brush making the removing any bits or scents from inside an effortless task. Spill resistant The last thing you want is a coffee or tea stain during your commute as a result of your tumbler leaking or liquid escaping unknowingly. The Leverest tumbler features a slider lid which can be closed with just the flick of a finger if you're on the go and want to stop the sloshing around of liquid causing leaks. While not 100% leak proof, as long as you don't tilt the tumbler more than 90 degrees from its upright position, the liquid will remain inside the tumbler while the lid is in the closed position. This is a substantial improvement on some models which feature an "always open" lid. The slider lid design offers the perfect compromise between easy access to your drink and protection from spillage. So if you're after a stainless steel insulated tumbler many people are switching to the Leverest as one of the best insulated travel coffee mug for their commutes. Built to last a lifetime, it looks gorgeous too with its matte black professionally powder-coated exterior. To get one now, click the link above! #insulatedtumblerwithstraw #doublewalledtumbler #stainlesssteelinsulatedtumbler #stainlesssteelinsulatedcoffeemugs #bestinsulatedcoffeemug
Car Mugs - The Best Travel Tumbler!
Car Mugs Get the best travel tumbler here - https://goo.gl/QS282F If you're looking for a stylish car mug to bring your favourite hot or cold drink along for the trip then there's only one choice. Leverest powder coated tumblers in gorgeous matte black offer an exclusive look and feel. Made from stainless steel and built to last a lifetime, they're as durable as they are to beautiful to look at. Many have already found these to be the best travel mug, but what else about the Leverest insulated 30 oz tumbler makes it so ideal for this purpose? ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOurlopwVqE&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOurlopwVqE&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOurlopwVqE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOurlopwVqE http://youtu.be/mOurlopwVqE https://youtu.be/mOurlopwVqE Spill resistant Generally, car mugs can be a nuisance especially when they cannot hold your beverage without the drink spilling. Though many cars are fitted with cup and mug holders, these features do not provide any guarantee that your drink will not spill as the car accelerates or slows down. In any case, when you want to sip your beverage, you most likely have to hold it in your hand. Either way, the chances of the drink spilling and messing your car’s interior are high. The last thing you want is tea or coffee stains in your car. Leverest car mugs feature a slider lid that can be closed conveniently just with the flick of a finger. This ensures the lid is only open when you want it open. This way, the mug eliminates the risk of your drink leaking out as the liquid inside sloshes around during your commute. The only precaution you should take is to ensure the mug remains upright as tilting or letting it lie on its side could cause small amounts of liquid to escape. Luckily though, when this car mug is placed in the cupholder, this won't be a problem. Also, the stainless steel straw that the Leverest car mug / tumbler comes with makes it easier to drink from and since you don't have to tilt it up to your face to drink from it, this is another aspect which limits the possibility of spilling or messing. Another aspect which makes this one of the best to-go mugs you can buy. Excellent insulation Different seasons call for different temperatures for your drinks; so do the different times of the day. Irrespective of the temperature you prefer in your drink, having a car mug with excellent insulation is the ultimate way to ensure you get what you want. Leverest’s double wall tumbler with straw comes with excellent insulation features. The vacuum in between the two walls conducts no heat between the two walls. This way your drink will always retain your preferred temperature for long periods. Premium Design and Build The Leverest car mug tumbler features a professionally powder coated matte black finish with a laser engraved logo giving it an exclusive look and feel. The stainless steel interior has been electro-polished to eliminate any metallic taste and the body structure itself has been built to last decades. So it's probably the last (and best) travel mug you'll ever need. BPA free best to go coffee mug Car mugs manufactured by Leverest contain no BPA. This makes them a hot favorite among informed motorists and their passengers. Remember this compound can be found in some other tumblers made from inferior materials. The lids are also made from BPA-free plastic and are virtually indestructable too. Avoid the inconvenience of using car mugs that do not satisfy your travel needs. Leverest’s best coffee mugs are eco-friendly and very affordable. #carmugs #stainlesssteelinsulatedcoffeemugs #bestinsulatedcoffeemug #besttravelmug #besttogomugs #bestmugsforcoffee
Double Wall Tumbler - Take It Everywhere!
Double Wall Tumbler Click here to get yours now - https://goo.gl/wT6uuw Out-of-home recreation comes in many forms; you can decide to take a hike, go camping or use a recreational vehicle to take a journey far away. Whichever is your preference, there's no doubt that while this is happening you'll be sipping your favourite drink along the way. For this there's only one option that offers unparalleled convenience and drinking pleasure....the Leverest stainless steel double wall tumbler. So what exactly makes this the best travel mug to take with you on your journeys and adventures? ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrezWNyVKAg&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrezWNyVKAg&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrezWNyVKAg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrezWNyVKAg http://youtu.be/vrezWNyVKAg https://youtu.be/vrezWNyVKAg Temperature retention With this tumbler you don't need to drink everything quickly while it's still hot or keep adding ice to it to cool it down. Insulated coffee mugs and tumblers solve these problems perfectly. A double wall tumbler has a vacuum between the two walls which makes it impossible for any heat transfer to occur between them. This double walled design combined with a tight fitting rubber sealed lid, you can rest assured of your beverage retaining your preferred temperature for a very long time. Leak and splash resistant Carting your drink around during your hikes or trips means there's always a good chance of spillage. A proven way for you to avoid losing some of your beverage in this manner and messing on your cloths or in your vehicle is to use tumblers with sealed lids. Leverest stainless steel tumblers also feature a slider opening lid which allows you to effortlessly snap the it to open or closed with the flick of a finger. When in the closed position, it greatly reduces the chances of spillage when the liquid is shaken from moving around. Environment friendly The market is awash with disposable coffee mugs and cups made from cheap material. Granted, this might save you some money but at what cost to the natural environment. The more of these types of containers that you get rid of after every use, the more of a strain you put on the environment. Using tumblers made f recyclable material might partly address this. But then it still means there's a need for the continual purchase of new coffee mugs. You can make significant savings in the long term by just using reusable insulated coffee mugs instead. The only thing you will need to do after using these types of mugs is to clean them and for use later on. Since stainless steel does not rust and is very durable, you can continue using these tumblers for a lifetime. This will save both the environment and money over time. Easy to clean and healthy to use The best travel mug should be very easy to clean. Remember, the double wall tumbler is used to handle drinks. Thus, they can be a potential source of harmful micro-organisms if they are not easy to clean and end up leaving traces of them. Adequate cleanliness of the tumbler is not the only health risk that can arise from these types of travel mugs. Some tumblers are made from materials that contain the harmful BPA compound. Such mugs or tumblers release this compound into your beverage and hence allow the harmful Bisphenol A to find its way into your body. The negative consequences of this are well documented. So if you happen to be on the lookout for a versatile tumbler of travel coffee mug, look no further than the ultra stylish, multi-purpose Leverest double wall tumbler. Considering this model's premium finish and hand crafted design, you'd be surprised at how competitive prices are. Click the link above to buy one now! #doublewalltumbler #doublewalledtumblerwithstraw #doublewalledtumbler #stainlesssteeltumbler #bestinsulatedcoffeemug
30 oz Tumbler -  Best Travel Mug!
30 oz Tumbler Get the best stainless steel tumbler here - https://goo.gl/fiwMNl Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities. If you are of the many hiking enthusiasts, you know the advance preparation that makes for a memorable hike. You have to think and plan for the essentials such as navigation, sun protection, personal insulation, illumination, fire and most importantly nutrition and hydration. The latter is important since you will need to take lots of fluids to refresh and replace what you lose by way of sweat. This is where having a 30 oz tumbler comes in handy. ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kxlb5y9w0c&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kxlb5y9w0c&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kxlb5y9w0c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kxlb5y9w0c http://youtu.be/4Kxlb5y9w0c https://youtu.be/4Kxlb5y9w0c Other than water most hikers prefer to carry an extra variety of drink such as coffee or tea. This calls for wisdom when it comes to the choice of the tumblers to use in your hiking expedition. What qualities should the best to go coffee mug for hikers have? Easy to carry Your coffee mug should be designed in such a way that it is easy and convenient to carry. It should be just the right size to occupy minimal space in your back pack and yet contain sufficient amounts of your beverage to quench your thirst. A 30 oz tumbler is an excellent bargain for this. Well insulated In most cases, hikers prefer to have pretty cold beverages to take when the going gets tough and the temperatures soar. Carrying cold beverages in the midst of the high environmental temperatures can be tricky if the containers used to carry the drinks have poor insulation capabilities. An excellent double wall tumbler addresses this need very effectively. These tumblers feature a vacuum between the exterior and interior walls. This vacuum, being a non-conductor of heat eliminates any chances of significant heat transfer between these two walls. Whether you will prefer to carry cold or hot beverages, the 30 oz tumbler will ensure your drinks retain the preferred temperatures for a long period during your hike. Spill resistant As you walk and want to take a sip of your beverage, the chances of losing some of it by spillage and messing your cloths in the process are quite high. On the other hand you don’t want to break your hiking pace. The best compromise between these two possibilities is ensuring you use tumblers with lids in all your hikes. It is even better when the lid of the 30 oz tumbler can be opened easily with just a flick of the finger to make it easy for you to access your refreshment as you move on. Environment friendly One thing that bothers most fans of outdoor activities is the use of disposable tumblers. Such tumblers are only usable once. This poses problems of cost and disposal. One has to keep incurring costs to buy such tumblers every time there is an outdoor activity. Secondly, since such hikers don’t want to spoil the environment, they are forced to carry the now useless tumblers back home. Using high quality stainless steel insulated mugs is a sure way of ensuring you don’t have to go through these challenges. These mugs are very durable and easy to clean in readiness for the next round of outdoor activities. Is it possible to get such a convenient 30 oz tumbler? Definitely! Leverest double walled tumblers are perfect for hikers. They feature all the above and more. They are stylish and very affordable. Enjoy the convenience of Leverest tumblers in all your hiking expeditions and let your hikes be fun and memorable. #30oztumbler #tumblerwithstraw #insulatedtumblerswithlidsandstraws #doublewalltumbler #stainlesssteeltumbler
Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Mugs
Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Mugs Click here to buy now - https://goo.gl/IyfuvG What many fisherman love to enjoy between the sometimes drawn out periods between catching fish, is there's favourite drink and the perfect temperature. Whether that be an ice cold beer or a piping hot coffee, stainless steel insulated coffee mugs are ideal for exactly this. So if you've been on the lookout for the ideal drinks container to take along with you on your expeditions, then look no further than the stunning Leverest 30 oz insulated tumbler in a stunning matter black finish and laser engraved logo. ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6q9N-9F5_U&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6q9N-9F5_U&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6q9N-9F5_U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6q9N-9F5_U http://youtu.be/C6q9N-9F5_U https://youtu.be/C6q9N-9F5_U Splash resistant All tumblers manufactured by Leverest feature a slide lid that is easy to open. In fact, you can open any of these stainless steel insulated coffee mugs with one hand as the other hand holds firmly on your fishing reel; with just a flicker of a finger you can open your tumbler and enjoy your drink without having to stop your fishing. But be careful, of course this does not mean your drink will not spill if you tilt your tumbler. Avoid this possibility by holding your tumbler upright any time you want to take a sip from it. Insulation The stainless steel insulated tumblers from Leverest are effectively insulated. These double walled steel tumblers feature a vacuum between the exterior and interior walls. This space provides excellent insulation which ensures your drinks retain their initial temperatures for extended periods of time. No more mismatch between your expectations and the actual temperatures of your beverage as you fish. Eco- friendly Protecting our environment is vital if we want to continue enjoying what it has to offer. All Leverest best to go tumblers are eco-friendly; you can reuse the stainless steel insulated tumblers for a long time without any damage or threat to the environment. This a far departure from the environmental hazard posed by disposable tumblers. Protect the environment and you will surely pass on your fishing skills to the next generation. BPA free Some of the tumblers in the market are health hazards; they are made from materials that contain BPA, This compound is detrimental to human health once it gets its way into the body. Leverest stainless steel insulated coffee mugs contain no traces of this compound or any other harmful compound; they are simply absolutely safe to use. Stylish We all value items and utensils that looks stylish. Remember in most cases you do your fishing in public places. The kind of equipment you use in such places sends powerful statements on the type of person you are. In any case, a stylish piece of utensil is a delight to use especially if you use it to take your favorite drink as you do your most cherished activity. With Leverest 30 oz tumblers, you will never go wrong. All the disappointments mentioned at the onset will be a thing of the past. #stainlesssteelinsulatedcoffeemugs #stainlesssteeltravelmug #stainlesssteeltumbler #doublewalledstainlesssteeltumbler #insulatedcoffeemugs
Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler
Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler Click here to own one yourself - https://goo.gl/LBWdyr Whether you're planning a picnic or a hike outdoors, having your favourite drink with you is something important to remember. Before a top quality stainless steel insulted tumbler like those made by Leverest came along, you probably just put your drink in a standard plastic water bottle. Problem with these bottles is that after a few hours of being outside, when you go to take a sip of your ice cold water or piping hot coffee it was probably disappointingly far from ice cold or piping at that stage. But the Leverest insulated tumbler offers so much more than this... ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OqDRf2QScM&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OqDRf2QScM&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OqDRf2QScM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OqDRf2QScM http://youtu.be/5OqDRf2QScM https://youtu.be/5OqDRf2QScM Insulation Irrespective of how hot or cold you want your beverages; a stainless steel insulated tumbler will retain your drinks at the desired temperatures for extended periods of time. Count on the double walls and the vacuum in between these walls to bring any heat transfer between your drinks and the external environment to near zero. Spill resistance Spilling your beverage as you take that refreshing sip is a big inconvenience. Other than the possible staining of your cloths, it also amounts to wastage of your favorite beverage. Why not use a stainless steel tumbler that features a slide lid, especially one that can be closed with just a simple flick of a finger as you proceed with your journey. This kind of lid effectively stops any sloshing around of the liquid. Granted, even with this kind of tumbler you need some caution. Avoid titling it more than 90 degrees from its upright position. This will ensure your liquid remains inside where it belongs as long as the lid remains closed. Eco-friendly With the stainless steel insulated tumbler you don’t have to worry about re-usability. Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean. With this tumbler you save yourself money you would otherwise spend by frequently buying disposable tumblers. A greater advantage of this tumbler is the role it plays in environmental conservation. Unlike the disposable tumblers that will always prove to be a nuisance to the environment every time you go out for your picnic, stainless steel tumblers will serve you effectively for many picnics to come. Healthy to use You have heard of tumblers that are a health hazard, thanks to the materials used in making them. BPA is one such compound found in some of the other types of tumblers. Stainless steel tumblers contain no BPA or any other harmful compounds. Stylish These stainless steel double walled coffee mugs come in different styles and colors. You can select your preferred style and look of these tumblers to match the overall theme of your picnics. So, where do you get such high quality tumblers? Leverest tumblers are professionally designed and produced to offer you utmost convenience for all your picnic requirements. These mugs are very affordable and highly durable. #stainlesssteelinsulated #stainlesssteelinsulatedcoffeemugs #stainlesssteeltravelmug #stainlesssteeltumbler #doublewalledstainlesstumbler
Double Wall Tumbler With Straw
Double Wall Tumbler With Straw Click here to get one now - https://goo.gl/AkjIvQ Parks and gardens offer excellent locations to anyone who wants to spend quality time in the midst of friendly flora and fauna. Whether you want to visit the parks and gardens for a walk, resting, and picnics, or as excellent places to hold your meetings, you want to experience the best that the garden has to offer. Time spent in an out-of-home garden or park is much more refreshing when you have your favorite drink with you. For you to reap the best from your garden experiences away from home, always seek the company of an excellent coffee mug to carry your drink in. As you shop around for these tumblers ensure that, among other features, your tumbler is: ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97JOpHcWNHg&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97JOpHcWNHg&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97JOpHcWNHg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97JOpHcWNHg http://youtu.be/97JOpHcWNHg https://youtu.be/97JOpHcWNHg Stylish Parks and gardens are renowned for their aesthetic value. The best you can do is to ensure you blend well and enhance this beauty. The double wall tumbler with straw you carry with you to the park should reflect artistic finesse; let it merge seamlessly with the captivating sights of the park.The tumbler should be delightful to look at. Eco-friendly Your desire to visit the parks and gardens is a clear indicator that you are passionate about a well maintained environment. This passion should not end with your desire to enjoy such environments. Let your choice of tumbler reflect this same desire. Your best to go tumblers should be re-usable. This ensures you don’t have to keep getting rid of tumblers just after using it once. The more we dispose of waste the more harmful we are to the environment. Stainless steel coffee mugs are not the ordinary "one-use" tumblers. You can use and reuse your double wall tumbler with straw for almost as long as you want provided you keep it clean and well maintained. Great insulation As you leave home, you often study the weather and determine not just what to wear, but also what temperatures you want your beverages when you get to the park. Nothing can be as disappointing as going for you mug only to realize your beverage assumed temperatures you had not anticipated. This means the tumbler’s insulation is poor. A double walled stainless steel tumbler will save you from this unwanted outcome. The tumbler has a vacuum separating the inner and the outer walls. This vacuum effectively eliminates unnecessary heat transfer between the outside environment and the coffee, tea or any other drink inside the mug. Spill resistant After preparing yourself for relaxing outing at the park, the last thing you want to mess your cloths with tea or coffee stains. It’s not just about you, do you have to stain the plants and the flowers in the process. This is not in your agenda; you want to respect the park and everything in it. A tumbler with lid and straw is your best companion at the park. This becomes a big plus if the tumbler has a slider lead that allows you to open it easily with just a flick of your finger. With this mug your liquid will remain inside the mug as long as you don’t tilt it anywhere beyond 90 degrees. You can easily own these kinds of mugs for your visits to the parks and gardens. Leverest coffee mugs are renowned for their durability, versatility and affordability. Think Leverest every time you think of high quality and dependable tumblers #doublewalltumblerwithstraw #doublewalledstainlesssteeltumbler #doublewalltumbler #insulatedtumblerswithlidsandstraws
Tumbler With Straw And Lid
Tumbler With Straw And Lid Buy one here - https://goo.gl/Jhxrfz Stylish stainless steel tumblers aren't just for commuters and office workers. The Leverest tumbler with straw and lid is ideal for anyone who works outdoors too. Despite its premium looks with the matte black powder coated exterior and laser engraved logo, it's also been built to last. Its sturdy stainless steel, double walled sides and hardened plastic slider lid make it more than capable of sustaining daily knocks and bumps. What else about this tumbler makes it so unique though? ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrezWNyVKAg&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrezWNyVKAg&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrezWNyVKAg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrezWNyVKAg http://youtu.be/vrezWNyVKAg https://youtu.be/vrezWNyVKAg Insulation One of the last things you need is to open your tumbler at work only to find your hot or cold drink is now luke warm. In this case, quality of insulation comes to mind. Most tumblers claim they can keep your beverages at the right temperatures for extended periods. Luckily, Leverest's double walled stainless tumblers have a reputation for being loyal to this claim of keeping your drinks at the right temperatures for extended periods of time. The stainless steel insulated coffee mugs have double walls and a vacuum in between the two walls. It is this vacuum that actually enables these tumblers to constantly deliver on their promise. With this tumbler with straw and lid, be assured you will enjoy your drink at your set temperatures even after extended duration. Spill resistant You want to take your drink in the amounts you packed it in. Any accidental spillage can be detrimental not only to you but also to the tools and equipment you are using on the site. Leverest's best to go tumblers come with a slider lid which helps to lock your beverage away until you're ready to refresh yourself with a sip. In any case the slider is very easy to operate; with a flick of your finger the slider opens and allows you access to your cherished refreshment. You will experience no spills as long as you don’t hold the tumbler in an inclined position. BPA free Bisphenol A is known for its harmful effects to human health. This compound affects your body’s natural hormone mechanism and is found in some of the materials used to make low quality tumblers. Each Leverest tumbler with lid is made of stainless steel. The 30 oz tumblers will safeguard your health against such harmful compounds. Eco-friendly Leverest, found at www.leverestliving.com, has a reputation for making environment friendly double walled stainless steel tumbler. All our tumblers are reusable for a long time. With these coffee mugs you don’t have to jeopardize the environment with frequent disposal of your mugs. One big advantage with stainless still is that it is highly durable and easy to clean; you can thus reuse your mugs for a very long time. Every worker who spends most of the working hours out in the field will find these tumblers both affordable and stylish. Save yourself the disappointments of low quality tumblers by going for tried and proven best coffee and tumblers. Click the link above to buy one now! #tumblerwithstrawandlid #tumblerswithlidsandstraws #insulatedtumblerswithlidsandstraws #doublewalltumblerwithstraw
Insulated Coffee Mugs - The No.1 Stainless Steel Travel Mug by Leverest
Insulated Coffee Mugs Click Here To Buy Now - https://goo.gl/seI6Tb For all you coffee lovers out there who like to take your favourite beverage with you wherever you go, Leverest insluated coffee mugs / tumblers are the ideal stainless steel travel mug. Not only are these tumblers bigger than most travel coffee mugs thanks to their 30oz capacity, but they'll easily keep your coffee piping hot from the minute you make it in the morning before leaving for work, all the way through to the afternoon. These a just a few of the reasons why so many consider this the best travel mug. So what exactly are all the considerations you should be taking into account when looking to buy one? ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQFYm8XCSM8&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQFYm8XCSM8&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQFYm8XCSM8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQFYm8XCSM8 http://youtu.be/eQFYm8XCSM8 https://youtu.be/eQFYm8XCSM8 Temperature retention Taking a sip of your favourite cup of Joe expecting it to be deliciously hot, but finding it's gone luke warm is never a pleasant experience. The Leverest stainless steel insulated tumbler won't let you down in this respect. This double walled tumbler features a vacuum between the exterior and interior walls. This works wonders in ensuring the beverage in the mug does not gain or lose any heat for extended periods of time. Leak resistant Ferrying your beverages around when you're out and about requires advance caution. You need to be sure that your mugs will resist any possible leakage if the liquid begins sloshing about. The Leverest stainless steel insulated travel mug has a slider lid which, when in the closed position, prevents liquid from escaping (unless you tilt it more than 90 degrees from it's upright position. Even then, only a small amount of liquid would escape sparing you from potentially messing everywhere and losing out on your drink. Easy drinking experience Not only is the slider lid easy to operate (simply open with the flick of a finger, no strength or pressure required) but the stainless steel straw that it comes with makes it easy to drink from too. With the straw inserted, you won't need to tilt the tumbler upwards which could lead to spilling. Instead you can keep it level and simply raise up towards your head in this position. In addition, the Leverest tumbler with straw comes with a comfort-grip removable handle which also makes drinking from it and carrying it around a breeze. Gorgeous to look at Your travel coffee mugs should complement the overall visual appeal of the coffee lifestyle as well as your home and office. The Leverest powder coated tumblers feature a gorgeous matte black exterior with laser engraved logo giving it a distinctly premium look and feel. While built for the outdoors, you'll find this tumbler to be a very stylish accessory to your drinkware indoors as well . Eco-friendly Besides the stylish design of this travel coffee mug, it's also eco-friendly since it reduces the number disposable cups and containers that people use for their coffee. Its stainless steel body is not only built to last a lifetime, but the interior as been electro-polished to eliminate any metallic taste. The lids are also made from BPA-free plastic so there's no harm to your body either. Are these kinds of insulated coffee mugs available? Yes! For all your high quality tumbler requirements, visit the link above to buy one for yourself or a loved one now. The prefect travel companion to take your coffee wherever you go! #insulatedcoffeemugs #travelcoffeemugs #besttravelmug #stainlesssteeltravelmug #stainlesssteelinsulatedtumbler
Stainless Steel Travel Mug
Stainless Steel Travel Mug Click here to buy - https://goo.gl/4nPknP Hiking is a past time which many people are passionate about. These long vigorous walks, usually taken in mountainous areas require adequate preparation though. Hikers need to have the necessary gear and refreshments to re-energize them along the way. One sure way of keeping hydrated and refreshed is by taking a stainless steel travel mug or tumbler with you. Whether it’s coffee, tea, an energy drink or just plain water that you prefer to take on these excursions, what's most important is to ensure that you have the best travel mug to suit your personal preferences. There are numerous considerations to be made though when trying to choose the perfect stainless steel travel mug. ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DtAv7lTOmw&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DtAv7lTOmw&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DtAv7lTOmw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DtAv7lTOmw http://youtu.be/0DtAv7lTOmw https://youtu.be/0DtAv7lTOmw Insulation In most cases, hikes are taken during summer when it is hot and dry. At this time of the year, you are bound to sweat. A couple of gulps of cold, refreshing liquid are always welcome at various points during your walk. But how do you keep your beverage at your preferred low temperatures in the midst of high environmental temperatures. It is only by ensuring no heat finds its way to your drink. An vacuum insulated tumbler with a double walled design will serve this role quite effectively. A double wall tumbler, like the Leverest insulated 30oz model, ensures your drink retains a very low temperature for extended periods of time. Why? In-between the two walls of a stainless steel travel mug is a vacuum which does not allow for any heat transfer between the two walls. With these two features; the two walls and the vacuum in between your beverage will remain at cold temperatures for up to 24 hours. Easy Open, Spill Resistant Lids Often while hiking people will choose to drink while on the move, as such it's important that your stainless steel travel mug offers an easy drinking experience without messing everywhere. The Leverest tumbler has a sliding latch which is opened with just the flick of a finger to start drinking. When finished, simply slide it to the closed position with very little effort. No struggling to un-latch a mouth piece mechanism like you see on some travel mugs or tumblers. Also, when the lids in closed position it significantly lowers the chance of spillage from movement causing the liquid inside to slosh about. Healthy and hygienic The choice of tumbler to use in your hiking excursions can play a significant role in determining how healthy you remain to engage in future hikes. This boils down to the materials used to make the mug / tumbler as well as the ease of cleaning it. Some materials, especially plastics are known to contain harmful compounds such as BPA. This compound has the dubious distinction of causing hormonal complications when ingested. A stainless steel travel mug contains no traces of this, or other negative compounds; it safeguards your health by ensuring you remain free from these unhealthy compounds. Another great aspect of the Leverest double walled vacuum insulated 30oz tumbler is that its lid is also made from BPA-free plastic. Conveniences of refreshing as you walk Besides the slider lid being incredibly easy to open and drink from, there's another feature of the Leverest tumbler that makes drinking while on the move easier and mess-free compared to many other tumblers on the market. The stainless steel straw that it comes with is not only eco-friendly (as it cuts down on plastic throw-away straws) but also means you don't need to tilt the tumbler upwards when drinking. Instead, with the straw inserted there's no need to do this meaning the tumbler remains at a more level position. This prevents spillage from sloshing. This might sound fairly simplistic, but once you've used one of these straws while drinking and walking, you'll understand why it's so convenient to have on your hikes. The stainless steel straw also comes with a brush making cleaning it a two second job - just to add to the convenience factor. Top quality and affordable, these tumblers are ideal for hikers and outdoor lovers in general. What may surprise you though is that although they're built for the outdoors, their premium powder coated matte black exterior with laser engraved logo makes them stylish accessories to use indoors as well. #travelcoffeemugs #stainlesssteeltravelmug #besttravelmug #bestinsulatedcoffeemug
Best To Go Coffee Mug
Best To Go Coffee Mug Get One Here - https://goo.gl/iVmkg8 Whether you commute to work in your own car or you make use of public transport, there's no denying that taking your morning coffee or tea along can make the journey that much more enjoyable. But you want it to keep your drink at the perfect temperature as well as be easy to cart around and drink from. So how does the Leverest stainless steel tumbler achieve all this making it the best to-go coffee mug available? ** Share This Video with Your Friends ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=&feature=kp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=&feature=kp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= http://youtu.be/ https://youtu.be/ Proper insulation As far as your interests are concerned, you want to take your coffee at the right temperatures. This is not easy with most of the tumblers you will find in the market today. Such unreliable mugs have insufficient insulation features. However, the Leverest double wall tumbler with straw is designed to ensure maximum retention of the preferred temperatures for extended periods of time. With a vacuum between the two walls, this best to go coffee mug effectively restrains any exchange of heat between your drink and the external environment. You will always enjoy your coffee at the right temperature every time you board a bus. Spill resistance Now, this takes care not only of your interests but those of your fellow commuters and the bus company as well. For you, you will not need to worry about messing your attire with spilled coffee. Your travel-mates will be safe from any accidental spills occasioned by the changing speeds of the bus. Finally, the last thing you would want is to be a nuisance to the crew manning the bus. Spilling your drinks in their bus is not only inconsiderate but a sign of irresponsibility. This cannot be taken kindly. Leverest best to go tumbler is designed with these kinds of considerations in mind. The tumbler with straw and lid effectively locks the liquid inside the container. The tumbler comes with a slider lid that you can close with just a flick of your finger. The straw ensures you don’t have to open the lid wide for you to enjoy the contents. You are safe from any spillage as long as you maintain your mug in a 90 degrees upright position. Healthy to use These best mugs for coffee are healthy to use. They are easy to clean, hence ensuring your drinks will always be hygienic and healthy. In addition, with these 30 oz tumbler, you avoid the risks of getting harmful compounds into your system. BPA is an example of a harmful compound that you might ingest when you use some of the tumblers in the market today. Stylish Being in a public vehicle, you certainly don’t want heads to turn for the wrong reasons. It boosts your self-worth every time you see your fellow commuters turn to admire the nice looking double walled stainless steel tumbler in your hand. If you like having your favourite drink along with you during your commute, get yourself a Leverest tumbler. You won't be disappointed! These tumblers are affordable, eco-friendly, stylish and long lasting. #besttogocoffeemug #bestmugsforcoffee #bestinsulatedcoffeemug #besttravelmug #besttravelcoffeemugstainlesssteel