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4K messages and I️ show you how I️ cropped the image.
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This was me having a fun time w/ the ducks I fed. I threw out a big piece so that's why that one bird was running around.
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I woke up watched some bottle flipping and decided to do one while making a parody of I wake up in the morning and dab.
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Tongue Clicking ASMR for 1 minute almost.
Join the Tongue clicking fandom.
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Glitches in Clash Royale©
All Rights To Supercell Today I show two glitches in clash royale©
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Motor Scooter Glitch In The Metro Kingdom
So ya sorry for my ranting. Here are the steps. 1. Park the scooter next to the trash cans 2. Have MARIO walk slowly over the gap in between the trash cans 3. Once you glitch into them do a ground-pound jump and then a roll 4. You should of glitched onto the scooter So what I was saying about Luigi’s balloon world in the sand kingdom is that it’s so easy to pop balloons there that I earn 9999 coins from 0 in 30 minutes. There’s just a small amount of hiding spots in the sand kingdom that you should learn all of them and how to get to them in one hour of Luigi’s balloon world.
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