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Friend coaching me on tire flip precontest with AS
Tarzan coaching me how to flip a 700lb tire faster and more efficiently for Dungeon's first strongman comp Nov 2013. Lower back hurt and AS was flaring from stretching last enbrel shots I had left.
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Max weight press 2nd attempt.
Looks like 260 on the bar so this was my personal best at the time.
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Incline Log Press from Kegs
Trying to figure out if and how we can use a couple kegs to set up an incline log press for a show I'm coproducing. These were my very first attempts at doing this and was awkward racking it this way.
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The power of meditation Hercules hold
2 Buick Hercules hold lightweight division winner. I got one of the or the longest time for every division at this show. I just went into my meditation practice and resolved not to let go.
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Truck Pull
One of my best events. I killed this event.
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Final event, keg load for reps.
Keg load for 10 reps. Middleweight division. This was a really good event for me. Think the keg was a 250 or so.
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Max weight press 1st or 2nd attempt
Looks like 250 on the bar. Went up easy.
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700lb tire flip for time.
Not a great event for my. I had pulled my right Ham in training and as result also tweaked my back in training. So this was hard.
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Max weight press over head 3rd attempt
I think this was 260 or 280lbs. Not my best event.
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Head to head log press for reps.
This was grueling. I had to repeat this event a total of three times with very little rest between each. I barely kept from puking. This was hell. The way it worked is I just had to get more that the other guy then I'd move on to face the winner of another round. And so on til there's only one left. I did ok but it's not my best event, came into it cold, and on the last run there was some confusion about whether it was the final round or not. I Still won the comp tho.
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Hercules hold short clip.
Same event just a different angle. Not sure why it was cut off early. I dominated this event across all divisions.
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Middleweight sandbag carry for distance
Sandbag carry for distance over time.
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