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Teach Quran to your kids daily, at least for few minutes..
The parents need to be the best role models for their Children. This video discusses imperative issues of parenting according to the Shariah and also about the issues of imparting Islamic education to our Children. The clip is taken from Brother Nouman's inspiring lecture "Teaching Islam to our Children".
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Akbaruddin Owaisi Spreading Falsehood at Makkah Masjid, Hyderabad
Akbaruddin Owaisi is deceiving muslims
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Why are first cousin marriages allowed in Islam? by Dr. Zakir Naik
Answered during the Open Q/A session in Dubai on the topic Misconceptions about Islam.
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Hizb Ut Tahrir's conclusion is regretted by Sh Imran Hosein
Taken from the lecture "The conquest of constantinople in Akhiruzzaman" of Shaikh Imran Hosein, this short clip discusses the Hadith about khilafah being restored before Imam Mahdi and Hizb Ut Tahrir's conclusion on that hadith.
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