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Delta Force commander explains how close they came to catching Osama Bin Laden
Delta Force commander explains how close they came to catching Osama Bin Laden http://www.foxnews.com/video/index.html?playerId=videolandingpage&streamingFormat=FLASH&referralObject=3205035&referralPlaylistId=949437d0db05ed5f5b9954dc049d70b0c12f2749
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History: The History of Christmas Lights
Interesting facts about Christmas Lights
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History: Christmas Unwrapped-American Traditions
Interesting facts about American Christmas traditions
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History: The History of Christmas
Interesting facts about Christmas
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History: Holiday Foods-Gingerbread Houses
Interesting facts about gingerbread houses
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Brain Worm
Worm pulled out of woman's brain. --------------- Please note: This video is NOT to promote any religion, culture, eating habits, or lifestyle. This is only to show an interesting video and if there's any agenda at all, it is to get people to wash their hands and/or cook the pork thoroughly. That's it! Pork was forbidden in some culture because people didn't know the importance of hygiene nor did they have the means to prevent cross contamination. Today, we have soap, hand sanitizers, government regulations, etc. So it's better. Please don't post comments saying any culture or religion is the way to go. As for being a vegetarian is the answer. It's not. Being a vegetarian has its own set of problems, especially being a vegan (trust me, I'm a medical person, so I would know). So please don't use this video to promote this lifestyle either. Eat whatever you want to eat in MODERATION. Exercise or at least keep active. Use logic when it comes to hygiene. Then enjoy your life free of dieting fads.
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Did Ruth Madoff Help Her Husband Scam Thousands of People?
What does Ruth Madoff know & should she be held accountable too?
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Feds: Drug Cartels Operating in Georgia's Capital
Atlanta on Alert
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What Is ACORN?
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Stand By Me by Talented Unknown Artists Around the World
This cover of Stand By Me was recorded by completely unknown artists all around the world. Started with a base track—vocals and guitar—recorded by street musician, Roger Ridley. The base track was then taken to New Orleans, Louisiana, where Grandpa Elliott—a blind singer from the French Quarter—added vocals and harmonica. Then, Washboard Chaz's added some metal percussion to it. And from there, many artists all through Europe, Africa, & South America added their flavor to the mix and voila!
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Obama & Excessive Teleprompter Use: Why Are People Surprised Obama Can't Talk Without A Script?!
Obama is NOT a good public speaker, he's a good public reader
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Matt Lauer: Governor Sarah Palin interview, part 1
Matt Lauer: Governor Sarah Palin interview, part 1
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Mexican Drug Violence Spills Into Arizona
Violence in Mexico escalates and starting to spill into the US. It's only a matter of time when we're facing the same horrors from the drug cartels
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Suspicious arson at Gov. Palin's church
Investigators say Gov. Palin's church fire was definitely arson.
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Liberal lies permeating classrooms
Liberal lies, which distorting US history, are permeating classrooms
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History: American Eats-Candy Canes
Interesting facts about candy canes history
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Obama's Stimulus Plan includes ridiculus spendings like $246 M for Hollywood producers to buy films
$248 M for furniture at new Homeland Security headquarters; $400 M STD research; $75 M quit smoking programs (when Obama can't even quit smoking himself!); $150 M to re-do the Smithsonian; $1 billion for the 2010 Census;
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Obama Adds More Pork the Stimulus Package
Is the stimulus package meant to stimulate more pork spendings?
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"Rendezvous with Destiny"
A new Ronald Reagan documentary
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Everyone wants a handout but no one says how to pay for it
Cavuto Common Sense (11/06/08): Everyone wants a handout but no one says how to pay for it
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Hillary: The Movie
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"Poop To Power"
Democrat Representative Moore Defends an Earmark For Poop
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Congress Gives Itself a Raise While Thousands of Workers are Laid Off
The Democratic Congress is giving itself a raise (approx. $5000/person) while the rest of America is suffering from job loss.
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Matt Lauer: Governor Sarah Palin interview, web exclusive
Matt Lauer: Governor Sarah Palin interview, web exclusive
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Obama's Definition of "Rich" Keeps Dropping
Tax hikes to support all the crazy spendings
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Forbes on Obama's Stimulus Bill/Spending Spree
Stimulus bill is nothing more than a spending spree
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Pelosi is Abusing Power, Using Military Planes as a Personal Airline for Friends & Family
Gay rights over parental rights? If Parents Have to Give Consent for Sex Edu, then Why Are They Forced to Have Kids Learn Gay Edu? Pelosi's empty promises
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Are Poinsettias Poisonous to Humans & Pets?
The doctor is in to report on new study results regarding poinsettias, mistletoe, & holly.
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US Dollar Under Attack
Should we be worried or outraged?
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Is it a trend to elect unqualified leaders now?
Is Caroline Kennedy qualified to be a senator? Besides from being a daughter of a Pres., niece to senators, & the name Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy has no real experience. Her qualifications are her associations. Since we just elected the least qualified President into office & now Caroline Kennedy wants the senator seat, have we now lowered the bar of leadership?
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Housing Foreclosures Hit the Hamptons
Gloom in paradise
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How Will Stimulus Affect Small Businesses & Ordinary Workers?
Breaking down the numbers
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Tim Geithner, appointed Secretary of Treasury, can't handle his own taxes?
Obama's spokeman, can't give a straight answer to what they plan to do with Gitmo detainees now that Obama signed to close Gitmo, and more news
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Liberals Don't Mind Spreading Your Wealth Until It Affects Them
liberal nonprofits are seeing red over Obama's plan to raise taxes on wealthy donors
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The scandal of Obama's new Attorney General, Eric Holder
The unauthorized relationship of Eric Holder & Marc Rich. Obama brings back the Clinton admin & all its scandals.
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Heroic Dog Helping His Injured Mom
a lab mix got hit by a car and her son, a shepherd mix, came to the rescue.
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Obama Under Fire From the Left For Government Secrecy
Obama Realized Being President Isn't Just About Looking Like a Messiah
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Greta Exclusive: At home with the Palins, part 2 of 4
Part 1 was too long for youtube to accept it, so here's the link: http://www.foxnews.com/video/index.html?playerId=videolandingpage&streamingFormat=FLASH&referralObject=3190680&referralPlaylistId=949437d0db05ed5f5b9954dc049d70b0c12f2749 Greta Exclusive: At home with Sarah Palin & her family, part 2
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The Downfall of CA is an Example of a Liberal-Run State
Correction: CA's sale tax is no longer 8.25%. It's now 9.25%, starting about a month ago.
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Tax Day Tea Party Protests in All 50 States
Tax Day Tea Party Protest Across the Nation. United We Stand.
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Controversy Over Public TV Program Using Anti-American Source
Should tax payer money go to World Focus from PBS that uses material from an anti-American source that looks like propaganda?
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Drug Cartels Sneaking Into the US Through Underground Tunnels
Elaborate tunnels were built connecting Mexico & the US
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Witness to ACORN Crimes Speaks Out
The mysterious news source of Stephanie Strom (NY Times reporter) in the case against ACORN finally speaks out: NY Times told its reporter, Stephanie Strom, to drop the story disclosing ACORN as fraud & partisan during the election to prevent negative news about Obama's campaign. Fox has found recordings from Stephanie Strom admitting to being muffled by her boss & Anita (in the video) is her source.
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Candid Camera: Pelosi Says Enforcing Immigration Law is Un-American
Pelosi speaking with illigal immigrants & their families
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