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Combat Aerobic Circuit: 2 Min 5x
This is a series of 2 minute rounds (5x) for anyone looking for a quick set of songs to workout or train to. Obviously 5 rounds of 2 minutes is meant to be a starter circuit with the standard 1 minute rest period in between. Each round has a 10 second warning alarm and ends at the sound of a boxing bell. Each rest period also contains a 10 second warning signal, counting down the seconds before the next round initiates its beginning. Each round contains its round number, the song and credits who sings it. However I will also list them here as well: Round 1: Sick Puppies - "War" Round 2: Disturbed - "Conflict" Round 3: Dir En Grey - "Child Prey" Round 4: Breaking Benjamin - "I Will Not Bow" Round 5: Slipknot - "(Sic)" & "Only One" Hope you enjoy and that this video and others to come will be of benefit for you!
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