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UFO Purple Light In The Sky!!! The best footage I have of this light!!
I had to record this one more time because this time I noticed it was illuminating off of the lower clouds and not the high ones... Which only means to me it is not coming from the ground up. There’s absolutely something stationary on one spot directly above my head (notice the last floor window and roof of my house) located in Jersey City, NJ... Also, notice how even on a clear sky the light is still there but unnoticeable up until the low clouds pass through it...
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Purple Light In The Sky, “broad daylight.”
Can anyone explain what this is? Has been seen through lower clouds at night. I have uploaded a few videos of it at night and so have many other people from around the world but this one video here, is done at broad daylight...
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UFO?? Purple Light again in Jersey City, there has been too many nights, I will not upload another!
This will be the last video I will upload on this strange purple light. It has been showing up during cloudy nights and remains stationary for more than 9 hours since January of 2018.
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UFO Florida
Ft Lauderdale
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