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Mario Kart Magnum Opus
This is a first, just you try and convince me otherwise. I apologize for the shoddy filming; I don't have a capture card.
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The Super Ultra Crack Cluster
In The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+, I decided that it was a great idea to give all of the items to myself via the console, in order by item ID. This was the result. I dub it "The Super Ultra Crack Cluster", more formally known as "The SUCC". Just look at it go! If you try to get The SUCC the same way I did, you won't get the same results because of things like Missing No. randomizing the items. How can one get "The SUCC" using other means? Just add these item's to the console: Angelic Prism Epiphora Fruit Cake (I think) Haemolacria Head Of The Keeper Jacob's Ladder Lachryphagy Mutant Spider Pop! I also had an abundant amount of tear, shot speed and damage upgrades. I must state that it looks a lot better using the naked eye since it's moving so ridiculously fast. My poor phone camera jusy couldn't pick up all of it's beauty. [I later added Trisagion, which raped my computer profusely.]
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