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Resistance Bands  wall mounting
wall mounting Resistance Bands Set Yoga Pilates Abs Exercise Fitness Tube Workout Bands cheap bands from ebay .. around $13 for the 11set
Boytone BT 3107F 300w
Good shit.. not as good as the black diamond 2500w.. for the same price and size.. but this thing can blow ... all the modern input function. .... good base. In fact i like the base can be controlled externally. ..
concrete countertop center island start to finish HD
@01:43 DIY decorative edge molding @04:05 concrete pour @07:55 edge and top finished @ 08:20 8 months later everything i found at homedepot, lowes, and menards over the course of 3months do to budget restrictions.. once i got everything stored up, i started (the best reason for DIY) here's what to buy 1 melamine white panel (43"x 67") cut larger then the "bottom board" so there would be overhang 1 osd plywood cut @ (62"x 38") bottom board buy 3 birchwood (oak would be better) 4'X 8' sheet have them cut from it.... 1 birch board cut @ (60"x 36") back board support board bar 2 birch board cut @ (36"x 36") sides (ends) 1 birch board cut @ (24"x 36") middle support board 1 birch board cut @ (24"x 34") base for under counter cab 2 (2x4) cut @ 34" under cab support base right and left 2 (2x4) cut @ 21" under cab support base front and back 1 (2X4) cut @ 60" for concrete screed process just need to be longer then 36" width of top 3 (2x2) cut @ 36" nail support to hide nails and frame support 2 (1x2) cut @ 67" for concerte edge for melamine top 2 (1x2) cut @ 41" for concerte edge for melamine top 4 80LBS bags concrete (5000) 2 concrete mixing bags 4 tubes of quikrete liquid cement color charcoal 3 tubes of caulk 1 nail glue tube lots of dexter plastic to help keep shit contained 1qt wood stain (espresso) 2 staining brushes 1 pack of wash clothes 1qt wood sealer (polyurethane) 2 sealing brushes 3 1qt concrete sealer (2 part epoxy) plastic butter knife for stiring epoxy sand papper 220 and 60 1 box dry wall screws 1-5/8 used for concrete form edges 1 box dry wall screws 2-1/2 used for countertop base 3 1quart mixing cups 2 pair yellow work gloves 2 concrete trowels super fine glitter onyx spray adhesive
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DIY retaining wall raised bed
easy DIY landscape under $100. Remember to get the landscaping adhesive it is extremely helpful. we used 3 tubes of it, i would suggest applying the adhesive all the way around the base of each block....
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7ft Wooden privacy fence over iron gate with door access
7ft Wooden privacy fence over iron gate with door access.. just used a cheep lowes fence.. 30$ ... and placed it over an existing Iron Gate. Too add much needed privacy from view of the alley way... this was done with 2 ,,7ft long fence and cut down to make a 9ft long area. .. the fence are raised off the ground as to make them about 7ft high. ... feel free to comment, like, and share.
removing epoxy from concrete counter top
no sanding, no chems, ... 9 times out of 10, if you epoxy is still soft, and sticky after 2 days, then it wasn't mixed well, i couldnt find any info on repairing the soft areas,...but i did find out that this was a common problem do to undermixing or improper measurement ratio.........this type was a new epoxy i had never used, it was alot cheaper then the parks superglaze found a HD... but unlike the parks i didnt mix it for the 6 min, i only did 3 and it was a weak 3.. this caused it to not cure %100 hard.... this time around i used the same cheaper brand form menards that i missed up.. but this time i set the timer for 6 min and i stirred like a maniac, making sure i fully mixed the 2 parts.i got a little scared because it made some white foamy stuff. 24hrs later it was hard enuff to eat off and the white foamy stuff had vanished
Homemade Olympic bar for less then $15
DIY Olympic bar.. black steel pipe from lowes . Got a 10ft and had them cut it down to 7'2"...
Boytone 2.1 BT-210F 2500W black diamond
Plus ...amazing sound for the price. . Heavy base you can feel in Chest from the next room. This could handle a small house party easily (30-40 people ) blue tooth is great within 10ft. AUX is flawless and they give you a cord.. 2 power levels. Virtually any thing that gives off sound can run through this "home theater".. comes with a remote Minus. ...in USB mode you cant select folder, you cant set to random.. if you need to find a song.. you have to cursor over to it and hope you find it. Display is no help... No AM tuner but they tell you this form the start
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wooden squat rack
wood cuts for project.. total cost of project was lessthen $25 4 @ 13in (how far i wanted it from the wall). should have done 16in-18in. 2 @ 13.5in (.5 because drywall was missing) 2 @ 9in (ends were given a 45 degree cut. this is optional ) 4 @ 10in 2 @ 57in (height of my armpit) 2 @ 73in (based on my height) side note: 3in screws (6) were used (to mount to wall) 2.5in screws (40) were used to construct rack if all you have is a hammer..and if you dont have a drill.. nails (not screws) might work, get a box of 2.5in (and a box of 3in if you are going to wall mount)and give it a try with wood glue the 2 sides of the rack was placed 42.5in apart (if measured from inside) if you search google images for wooden squat rack a lot of great idea come up/// lol i wish i would have done that first
DIY edge forms for your concrete countertop
give it a rough cut stone look make your own concrete countertop edge forms DIY..
Wooden squat rack with bench press add on
I added a bench press to the squat rack. And stabilized the rack so to limt the left right movement
DIY newspaper seed starter pots
DIY newspaper seed starter pots very easy very simple.. lets not overthink this ......
cheap tv wall mount
cheap tv wall mount The mount is attached to the plywood using 1.5in drywall screws ,,YES!! The screws did force into the back plate of the tv, maybe about a centimeter or two,, this did not do any electrical damage to the tv …. That was just luck… the tv wall mount screws (the knobs on the back of the tv) i predrilled holes and screwed them in.. **The mount came with shitty screws,, so i anchored the mount to the wall using 2.5in and 3in coarse drywall screws. Right into the stud The tape on the cable box is just to hold the wires down The cable box is resting on a 4in cut of 2x4 which is attached to a 1x2 (pre drilled hole or wood will split ) which is attached to the plywood
DIY center island countertop pt2 concrete countert
used 2 part epoxy to sealed... part 1___https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lUbvT9lNlw part 2___https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXxBm2UduZI part 3___https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJcwankIbvs https://youtu.be/WSE4qIWbvXc this is the pour... if i could redo any part of this i would have taped off the edges before applying the black caulk.. also i likely would have done a pour in place .. even tho the Melamine does make a much smoother hassle free surface (aside from filpping 400+lbs)..
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1 size fit all car mount holster DIY
a universal car mount holster, for those who carry many types of firearms
Dashboard cam DVR Dual Lens REVIEW (filmed using dash cam)
cheap ebay system cost around 40 usd
DIY center island countertop flip and seal pt3 concrete countertop
part 1___https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lUbvT9lNlw part 2___https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXxBm2UduZI part 3___https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJcwankIbvs
DIY concrete counter top.(center island )...UPDATE finished
many have asked for this update.. so here it is ,, enjoy,, feel free to share, comment, or ask questions ... part 1___https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lUbvT9lNlw part 2___https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXxBm2UduZI part 3___https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJcwankIbvs
chicago pineapple grow 1
great house plant but still no fruit.. ....its gets to cold here in chicago i think
screened in front porch DIY
screened in front porch DIY
Isopure. . DIY ice coffee. . Thumbs up.. 0g carbs/51g protein ..
Isopure. . DIY ice coffee. . Thumbs up 0g carbs/51g protein Good stuff. Don't work well in blender. . But who needs that. . I love mixing the minimum amount of water with flavored mix.. and downing it.. works and taste amazing. . No chalky residue/taste what so ever
Remote start problem 2018 Ford escape
Brand new 2018 Ford escape base model .. dealership installed remote start.. the 1000ft key fob .. Remote start seems to work 50% of the times and also signals horn and or alarm to sound..
DIY virus removal Factory reset for laptops and pc...
Factory reset for laptops and pc on windows 10... this also removes most if not all viruses. The downside is it also removes all you saved data. . Great for resales and or regifting of pc or laptops...
How to grow pineapple from start to finish in HD
from start to finish it took less than 12 months .. if that..
DIY cat scatching post
diy cat scratching post , for our cat Oscar.. this is our first video.. please subscribe, comment, share and ask any question.... thank you
20lbs Weight vest free to very low cost very effective
Go to a thrift store second hand store rummage sale.. get some long belts. . I wouldn't go less then 40".. and use 2" belts. .... ... if you have no belts you could layer up the black tape.. and make it work
display wifi password on windows
display wifi password on windows 10
Birdnest in grapes, what should i do..??
I found a bird nest in my grapevine.. should i tear it down and throw it away or just leave it alone??... .
What bug is this??
USA, Chicago il, west north side
How to make iced coffee
Comes out waaay better then store bought versions.. also cost pennies to make..
wall mount lat pulldown from wallmart
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