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Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion Review Part 3.
Walmart Gains! I'm Gettin used to it. Better results this time around.
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Casio W-800H Super EDC
Great little beater.
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CDL License, Easiest and Fastest way to get it and Start Driving!
Subscribe to the TACBISHOP Channel for more trucking info here.... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa9hJCwGvin68GdwVF2zsiw The easiest way I have found to get a license and job in the truck driving industry.
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Royal Canadian Mint, Collection so far.
3 into this stacking craze, what Canadian coins do I have? Small stack, I am just getting started, but lemme tell ya.... I have set a decent pace. :: SPOILER ALERT :: it's only 4 coins so far, lol.
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Silver Cleaner from Walmart
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Help fight Chicken Wing Syndrome.
I just want to clear up one aspect of proper rifle handling.
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Duralast 1/2 inch drive ratchet
Sexy beast!
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New Stanley Tool Set, Preview.
Not a review, but a preview to a review. I need to change out a water pump in my Ex-scape and I will use this nifty set to do it. Stay tuned.
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Checkers "Big Buford" Burger
Eat whatever the fuck you wanna eat!
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Victorinox Chef Knife
Just out of the box. Testing sharpness.
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Chainsaw Chix in Old Town Manassas
Chainsaw Chix
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Core Values challenge
This was the first challenge on Saturday morning.
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Inside Movement of Seiko 7002
This is a follow up to my previous video. I wanted to make sure that the inside workings were original. Looks like the dude even put a new gasket which means, that with the screw down crown, this vintage watch is still water tight!
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Seiko 5 Sports SRP759
I'm loving this beauty. I forgot to mention the lug width for strap options. 22mm lug width. There you go. Not screw down crown, that should be evident. It retailed in the mid 100's below $200, but it's since been either discontinued or low production because it's near impossible to find now but if you do find it, they're asking a hell of a lot more. The 4R36a movement is the best aspect of this piece.
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Seiko Vintage 7002-7001 "Scuba Diver's"
Basically just some watch porn. I talk about it and stare at it a lot.
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super putt
This is how you do it with the pressure of the camera on you!
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My Orient Ray 2
This is MY Orient Ray 2 and I talk about what I love about it. Mostly I just take a lot of close up video and hope you see what I see.
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Salivate Metal!
A multitude of Gratitude for a great asset to the Youtube Silver Stacking community! http://qualitysilverbullion.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/SalivateMetal
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Great Daily Beater, Casio MCW100H-1AV
I forgot to mention in the vid, it does NOT have a light. It's shape and curved lugs wrap it around your wrist to make for a super comfortable wear especially with how lightweight it is.
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American Aviator Watch, Pawn Stars, Butthurtedness
I got this watch at Wally World for $7.50. People are all butthurt at the spokesperson Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars because they paid $39.99 and it's a piece of Chinese junk. Oh whale.
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Joe McKnight - Ronald Gasser - Truth
The only media outlet telling the truth on this case is TMZ! Believe it or not. Sorry for the vertical recording, I planned to post this to instagram, but I went way over a minute! lol
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+++ CLOSED +++ 72 Subscriber GIVEAWAY!
Just showing my appreciation for all the cool people that listen to my silly ass and look at my cool pics! Combo Instagram and YouTube Giveaway. Open to ANYONE, Anywhere in the World! Comment entries must be submitted by 9:00 AM Sunday, July 19, 2015 TO WIN: Just leave a comment on this video or on the GIveaway announcement post on Instagram. https://instagram.com/jakepatriot/ One entry per person. In other words, if you comment 10 times, still only 1 entry. If you comment on both Instagram and YouTube, still only 1 entry. If you would like to "pay it forward" you can choose to have me send the prize on your behalf to any of the other entrants. Winner selection video will be posted on Sunday, here on youtube. My giveaway, my rules. I reserve the right to disqualify anyone if they're being a dick. I will choose the method of picking a winner. If the cost to ship it anywhere outside the USA is ridiculously high, I will work out some way of getting you something, similar in value. (it will be at least 1 oz of silver) Please go check out these friends.... https://instagram.com/garrettscollections/ https://www.youtube.com/user/Legocreeper101 And.. SilverStacking Pro: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaT-qrezxnO-nw_0xcwAh4w
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American Silver Eagle collection, 3 weeks in.
After 3 weeks of my first ever silver purchase, where am I at?
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MY FIRST SILVER UNBOXING on YouTube! And shout out to Silver Slacker.
Small unboxing. 5 coins/ounces. Ordered July 3rd during JM Bullions move to Las Vegas! So, I may be one of the first to get a package from there. Today is July 11 so...... they weren't kidding about having to wait. LOL, but not complaining, I knew that before I ordered. Stick around, there's a surprise after the initial unboxing... an extra ounce ;-) Thank JM Bullion, Silver Slacker, Yeager's Poured Silver My Instagram: https://instagram.com/jakepatriot/ https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSilverSlacker http://www.yeagerspouredsilver.com/ http://www.jmbullion.com/
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Lets Talk Silver Bars!
Another question for the stacking community!
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LCS Pickups on 7-11 2015
Some sweet silver stuffs I picked up today at my Local Coin Shop (LCS) http://www.pennypinchercoins.com/
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A Stacker is Born
A new obsession begins. "Stacking" is the term that refers to the collection, or accumulation of, physical Silver, Gold and other precious metals. Coins, or bullion, that you "physically" own, that you can hold in your hand. Not stocks or in a "holding company" which is kind of like a bank for physical gold and silver. Real wealth that you store at home, in a safe deposit box or buried in your yard! Gold and silver will NEVER be worth ZERO. Stocks can fall to zero and paper money can become worthless. (Just ask the Confederate States!) Gold and Silver will ALWAYS have value, and right now, silver is at all time lows! (when you consider inflation, it's as low as it ever has been maybe!)
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Most Numismatic Value in the Future? Help!
What Coin/Silver will gain the most value in 50-75-100 years?
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Canadian Silver Bison WINNER WINNER!!!
Winner, send me your info.
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Silver Stack Update 6/15/15
Where I am at 6 weeks into being put into the trance of Numismatics! (collecting precious metals; stacking) VIDEO QUALITY is terrible, too much glare, but you do get good closeups of everything. Check out @KeepCalmStackOn on Instagram here: https://instagram.com/keepcalmstackon/
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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino at National Harbor
Newly constructed. Not open yet. It's beautiful.
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Best Mother's Day Ever!
Female off duty cop ends a bad guy at a school bus stop as he tries to abduct, or rob, another woman at gunpoint. I have 2 important lessons to convey in this video that are not talked about in other vids.
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Franklins, Liberty's and Sacagaweas OH MY!
Pretty lame, but I have a good reason.
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Armenian Noah's Ark Bullion Coin 2014, CLOSE-UP!
A close up look at the fine work and detail in this beautiful bullion coin!
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Fun day shooting the SCAR-L Mk 16 battle rifle. This is the 5.56 version
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Casio G-SHOCK Mudman G-9000
Long ass overview vid.
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Don't Go To Truck Driving School: VR to Tacbishop
Through my 25 years experience driving trucks and a little bit of being a driving instructor at a CDL school, I explain why you're better off doing it yourself and not wasting your money.
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Perth Mint pick ups
Kool Kookaburra and Koala
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Hittin the Road Jack!
Back to trucking! Should start my VLOGS in about a month. Of course this will mean more money for SILVER and GUNS as well! Woo hoo! Always exciting to take that fork in the road of life.
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Merry Christmas from Manassas
Manassas Junction train station. Critical point in the Civil war. All supplies for the North had to come through here. (Notice the South didn't need anything from them) I live in the dark area I pointed to, about 5 blocks. Been here since Oct 2000.
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EDC 2015 "VR" for ebomey
I do what my master tells me to do. Master Eric wants to see EDC vids. So I obey. That is the law. Music - "Rose Tattoo" by The Dropkick Murphy's
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Uber Drivin, Free Money!
Went Ubering today. It's almost literally like picking silver and gold off the streets! Get a $100 sign on bonus by signing up with my referral. Just send me your email address and it's a done deal.
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Cheyanne does the Cinnamon Challenge.
You take a spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth and try to swallow it. Many have tried, all have failed.
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